Sep. 29th, 2009 04:08 pm
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The weather is SO NICE. It's all AUTUMNY and it smells lovely every time I go outside. It's brisk but not freezing so I get to wear just the right amount of layers. I love layers! Anyway, it's also overcast and a bit rainy but this just, like, EMPHASISES all the green, making it gorgeous and beautiful outside, not to mention all the red accents due to the autumn. Besides, I love rain! Sometimes I dance in it! Anyway, I get filled with this overwhelming joy every time I leave the Haus.

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WOOOO the fire alarm went off!
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I had one today. I got some really nice presents! Actually, I got another one from Sharmy before and also they made me enough cupcakes to make a cake!
So, because I have a webcam now, you get bad, grainy pictures of everything. Yay!

Me. Very tired. In my new, undecorated VP single room in Artz. SOOOOO TIRED. I am going to bed right after I post these. I'm supposed to be up for 7 BUT SCREW THAT. I have to teach the dance? I can't. Too dead.

Moar pics... )


Jul. 3rd, 2009 10:49 pm
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So I got a new mood theme.
It's animated, because that's really the only kind I enjoy. I nearly went with a Life On Mars one I found, due to my freakish level of obsession with it right now but it had some spoilers in it so I'm going to wait until at least my f-list who wants to see it has seen it.
PLUS: this one is awesome.
I may switch back and forth when I feel like it because the old one is LOVELY but the old one doesn't have enough Donna.
It doesn't have enough Master (or ANY) either but I can't find Master animated mood themes so this will have to do.

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Title: Once these people came from the future…
Summary: Crack crossover. Merlin/surprise fandom. I’m very tired.
Rating: PG
Word count: 2106
Characters/pairings: Arthur, Merlin, other people
Author's notes: It’s my first Merlin fic! And…I still hadn't seen the season finale when I wrote it! I don’t know if it’s very accurate because this, as said, is my first try. Also, I haven’t done anything related to the other fandom for ages so honestly, it may not even be very IC. Whatever. I had fun writing it. I hope you guys at least get a bit of a chuckle out of it.


Merlin can’t help but think that what most annoys Arthur isn’t the magic, it’s the fact that he’s been thoroughly ignored for the past minute. )


Jun. 9th, 2009 10:37 am
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So...yesterday, I saw Neil Gaiman. He was in Toronto for Luminato and he was going to read stuff. And also sign. So I got Neverwhere all ready and then Sharmy texted me, saying that he was only going to sign one thing each and she needed me to get a book signed for her friend that got us the tickets. So I went over all heartbroken and a little sulky and went, "Well, I guess I'll take the book out of my bag."
But my dad said, "No! Get both of them signed! Speak your case and surely he'll do it!"
And I said, "Well....but if he did that for everybody....I mean there's no reason for him to....oh....no....er..."
"No!" said dad again. "Would Neil Gaiman's characters give up?! Wel...the guy from American Gods would probably rip his head off...so don't do that...but that little girl in that book..."
"Yes! Her! Would SHE give up on getting a signature?"
"...s'pose not..."
"Right! I expect you to come back with two signatures!"
So I kept the book in my bag and the next day I met Sharmy at Union after being a bit late because I'd actually spent time going, "Hmm, I should wear Doctor Who pins because I know he watches Doctor Who and maybe if I could find a decent Master one because I know he likes John Simm but oh dear I have no good Master ones, really, I'll just wear the vintage 4th Doctor one and the one with Donna, Ten and the Master that I drew."
Sharmy'd brought not only a book her mum had bound as a present for him but had also illustrated the poem that we wrote him in April.
In April, someone played an April Fools Joke that was about, "Oh nose, some girl didn't find Neil Gaiman hot, she was clearly lying!" The article had a Neil Gaiman 'expert' who was coming out with a book that included, among other things, 'poems about Neil Gaiman's hair'. Sharmie and I thought this was hilarious and proceeded to write a poem about his hair. And then we sent it to him.

Here is the email. )


that was hilarious! thank you for making me smile



Lots more talking, cut to spare f-list )
(Link to Sharmy's probably more accurate version of events)
Edit: I've just realised how funny it is that my mood theme shows Nine enthusiastically hugging Captain Jack.
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But then I looked it up and discovered that it's Part 2 which means it's the 1950's to 2000. So I'm vastly relieved. Hopefully, when I do Part 1, he won't be the teacher because despite how much I love Christopher Eccleston (and the brief David Tennant cameo), I really can't sit through that much depression and lack of storyline again. Or, you know, try to READ that lack of storyline.
Not a Hardy fan. But I know I'll have to read him in school eventually. Bah. Well, at least I'll get to wait a year.

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It was FABULOUS. I went last night and guys? I was in the same room as Bret and Jemaine. Okay, I'm seriously happy. They were hilarious and excellent and there was a surprising amount of heckling that they dealt with perfectly. MAN they're funny. There was also a woman who flung stuff up onto stage that corresponded with the songs, a la Rocky Horror which was a little dumb but at the same time, it meant Bret was wearing an eye patch during Bowie. And Jemaine quoted from Labyrinth.
There was also a guy called Nigel with a cello, proving that cellos improve everything. Jenny with cello was SUBLIME. It was all so gorgeous, honestly. I've forgotten their exact set list but if I went through a list of their songs I could probably figure out what they did with each one.
ALSO they totally un-cockblocked me by playing the Bus Driver Song, my utter favourite. They keep almost doing it in the show but they never did and then they did it NOW with a cello and three-part-harmony. I was quite happy. THREE PART HARMONY. Also, I've noticed that Bret has to play the girl in a lot of songs which was kind of funny but it meant we got to sing along for the Girlfriends song. I love that. About the only song they didn't play that I'm obsessed with was You Don't Have to be a Prostitute but that was also okay because they played everything else I love.
I think Jemaine rapped about having sex with a cake tin during Freaky. Paisley, Sharmy and I freaked out. Haha. Freaked out during Freaky.
I'm just writing everything I remember here. They did a mash-up of Brahbrah and Sugalumps. I love mash-ups. That was pretty good although Bret touched the hand of a woman and she grabbed his hand and tried to come up on stage and Bret went "Whoa!" and jumped back. Silly woman. That's not what he meant to do. Don't push your luck.
Anyway, this was the Greatest Day and it's been the first concert I've ever been to where I was actually a huge fan of the performers.
Oh, right, and the opener, Eugene Mirman, made me laugh so hard I cried and then started coughing and nearly threw up. A success.

Holy crap.

Nov. 30th, 2008 09:38 pm
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I saw the new IT Crowd.
SEE the new IT Crowd.
If you don't watch the show, watch the show.
That is all.
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I finished my exams yesterday.
Also, I managed to do EVERY SINGLE ONE using my sonic screwdriver.
I feel very accomplished. 


Jun. 8th, 2008 01:11 pm
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Last night, I did the last tassel work on my Doctor Who scarf. It's finished! Hurrah!

Only, it's 42 degrees outside so....I'll have to wait to use it.

But still, YAY!
It took me two and a half months. 
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Okay. JesIdres got her account unbanned. All the crap has been cleared off.
This has made my day. :D 
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 All right, here they are: my impressions (belated) on Fires of Pompei and my impressions (fresh) on Planet of the Ood.


Oh yes.

Apr. 15th, 2008 09:23 pm
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Today, I had the best field trip in the history of the world. What it consisted of?
Go downtown to Trinity Bellwoods. Walk along Queen West until Nathan Phillips Square, dip down to the Business District, up again to Dundas and the Eaton's Centre then West to Kensington Market where the trip ends. The point? Well, it was a Media trip, so we were doing Documentaries. Mine was on Grafitti so me and my partner in the project, Andre, an aspiring artist himself, ended up strolling about taking pictures of any art on walls, anywhere. Taking pictures. Of ART. Not to mention that I was also with Deirdre, Hayley, Hilary and Will the whole time, so we had a lovely time of it. Nobody needed to stick together so we were always basically by ourselves except for a few check-in points.
This is only the start of it, though. At the end, we were in a small park in Kensington called Bellevue Square. It was pleasant, with benches and trees and a little children's play area in the centre.Two climby slide things, a teeter-totter and a bouncy animal thing, not to mention 8 swings. Deirdre, Hayley, Hilary and I beelined for the swings, and ended up filming ourselves swinging, trenchcoats billowing. I thought it might be funny to see the Doctor swinging, so I pushed my coat behind me so it could wave and Hayley says she's going to draw it. With the Doctor, but now she knows what the coat would look like. I was swinging beside Deirdre and got the giggles a bit, and I ended up pulling out my sonic screwdriver with my right hand, reaching over to hold Deirdre's hand (while we swung, no less) whilst yelling "Swing, Rose! Swing for your life!"
Meanwhile, another guy I don't know the name of and Andre had made friends with two five-year-old boys and were being chased by them ALL over the playground. Andre was exhausted, but he gamely ran up slides, and jumped over obstacles in his way while the little boys ran, whooping, after him. He and the other boy kept getting the kids off their trail by shouting that the other had candy in his pockets, which actually worked until one kid called to the other, "Split up! I'll get him and you get him!" upon which they were doomed. After he caught them, the kid informed them that they now had to follow his every command...it was pretty funny.
("See-saw!" I was now yelling at Hayley. "See-saw for your life!"
"You know, you guys probably think you look a lot more epic than you actually do," said Deirdre.
"Oh, trust me, we know," I said. "That's why it's so FUNNY." And then I sonicked-up the see-saw.)
Will tried to stay balanced on one of those bouncy animals that kids rock back and forth on and ended up getting stuck backwards, then fell sideways off it. Later, we all retired to the monkey bar/climb set thing and sat on it. It was, in all, a lovely afternoon.
I love how when teenagers start out, they're all desperate to be cool, and worried about their outer image. But by the time they're 17, they know that crap doesn't matter. And they have SO much more fun for it.
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It's a summary of Doctor Who Season 3! http://garfieldminusgarfield.tumblr.com/post/31043731

Okay, I'll do my reactions on Episode 2 tomorrow because first thing, it's too late right now and second thing, I want to watch it again with Jordan before I talk about it.

BUT, I will squee first.
Water pistol! Donna = win! PROPHECY.


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