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Title: The M-Preg Story 
Summary: The title pretty much explains it. 
Rating: White Cortina. Probably.
Characters/pairings: Gene/Sam, Annie/Sam, Ray/Chris, Annie/Chris, and those are only the ones I kind of mention. Also, Phyllis.
Author's notes: and a friend were talking about how Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes pretty much hit, in canon, every single fanfic cliche there is, and then, OF COURSE, she had to say, "What about m-preg?" Thus. 

And then a deus ex machina. )
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Title: The Perils of the Job
Summary: After the fiasco with the prison and Sacks, Chris has a lot of thinking to do 
Rating: PG-13
Characters/pairings: Ray/Chris
Author's notes: I wrote this partially because I wanted to see if I could write hurt/comfort, partially because I've yet to read a Ray/Chris fic that interprets the characters and relationship the way I see it, partially because Leah bugged me to, and partially because of this series of caps. Also, I've never written Ray before so....this may be interesting.

I am far too obsessed with dialoguing... )
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So, this is partly inspired by [ profile] captaincadet and [ profile] safetytardis but also by the...uhm, hey, I should really get off my arse. If I can do something regularly/if I can report on shit, that might be good, yeah?

So I'm thinking very much of starting a fanworks journal thing so I can DO the stuff I promised (important) and also maybe so I can start using this for life shit. And if I TALK about that, then maybe I'll actually do my work because I'll be telling the truth. Also, I want to get more involved in fandom, somewhat, so that I can, try and thicken my skin to fandom-wank rather than avoiding it entirely? Also, fic. I keep stopping writing it but I'm pretty decent when I do so, you know. That sounds like good.

I need some sort of catchy name, though. I am not a Captain and I do not have an amusing TARDIS dream-joke. So, uh? I'm kinda tilting towards something vaguely Strawberry Fields Forever related so I can use the layout on my NEW journal. But I dunno. (I could call it nothingisreal but I'd have to buy a rename token...) Anyway, just, tell me what you think. Oh, and I'll be posting a creepy dream I had once I get back to Guelph.

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It's a meme. All you get from me now are memes and dreams. Also, as soon as I can bring myself to do it (because Teeeeeen, I love yooou, and I've had that layout for YEARS) I will be changing to an amazing new layout that is Beatles and Strawberry Fields Forever themed because look at my journal name! It has been Nothing is Real since almost I started on LJ! Anyway, yes. I will miss Ten, though, especially because he left, so I will have to properly work myself up.

Secondly, I will write the fic I promised as soon as I catch up in my Homicide course. Promise.

Anyway, meme:

List the first ten series that come to mind. Your friends will comment with the character from each series that they think you are most like. No favorites (...unless it's legit)!

I'm going to run out of ideas for choices fairly quickly. Also...for realsies? Cos I bet some choices feel obvious but...don't let your opinion be swayed? Ahahah, I dunno, guys. I dunno.

1. Doctor Who
2. Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes
3. Harry Potter
4. Sandman
5. Discworld
6. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
7. Black Books
8. Diana Wynne Jones' books (cos I dunno if you guys have read any of them???)
9. Spaced
10. Merlin

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Title (Series): Sometimes Things Should Stay In Your Head (Trufact Sexiness #3)
Summary: Merlin is in denial
Rating: PG-13
Characters/pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Author's notes: I wrote this for Paisley.
Sexiest ever thought. Trufact. )

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Title (Series): Arthur puts his penis places (Trufact Sexiness #2)
Summary: Kind of a modern-art interpretation of a story
Rating: PG13
Characters/pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Author's notes: I wrote this for Paisley

It's kinda like a hardcore kid's book )

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Title (Series): The Greatest Love Story of All Time (Trufact Sexiness #1)
Summary: Merlin and Arthur are totes meant for each other
Rating: 14A
Characters/pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Author's notes: I wrote this for Paisley.

Cut for angst and deep emotion )
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Hi, I'm never here any more because that would require logging in/having something useful to say. SO NEITHER.
For some reason, I have no problem logging in for this but try to make me comment as myself on [ profile] safetytardis's journal and it's like NO WAY.

Here, have a meme.

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. Story will be done as inspiration hits and I will write anything. It may not be the greatest but ASK FOR ANYTHING. I'm...not going to research random fandoms though, so just guess at that I guess, but who the hell will read this and not know me?

Snagged this from [ profile] safetytardis, whom I hate.

1. [ profile] safetytardis wants Master/Shaz/Chris and that should be interesting. Fridaytiems, man. Fridaytiems. Nice comedic placing there.
2. [ profile] mrsfrankenstien wants BERNARD + AZIRAPHALE which is lucky, as I don't remember any of the other crackfics we invented

Hello again

Dec. 1st, 2009 12:45 am
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Sometimes I post. And from now on, it's probably going to be me posting dreams. I had some really interesting ones recently. The most recent one first, because I'll have to expend more energy on remembering the not-so-recent one.

First Dream )

Second Dream )
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Polychromatic is what I am most often logged into now, sorry to say. Taking over my side-life. Especially as now I've applied as DC Chris Skelton as well. That came about because I've started watching Ashes to Ashes. I liked it instantly. And Alex too, after about three episodes. I know there are others who haven't warmed to it as much as the original series. Well, huh. I dunno why exactly. I love them both. It's kind of blowing my mind. And I get a little sad every time there's a sort of Sam mention. No spoilers, though. I'm only two episodes into S2. You spoil me, I feed you your own assorted genitalia. I'm having FUN with this show and I already spoiled myself a little bit accidentally.

What else? Um, I'm a bit behind on some schoolwork but nothing I can't handle. I feel much more comfortable now I know I'm waiting to go to Britain. Maybe I'll take a year there, on my own terms rather than a sort of school fieldtrip, really.

Also, today, as an IHC thing, I went to see the Raptors. Dead boring. Back and forth and forth and back. Endless. Plus, I was exhausted. On the upside, the busdriver, especially on the way back to Guelph drove like GENE HUNT. Swerves! Speed! Bouncing along the road! I wished I had a handle to hold onto because as it was, I bounced out of my seat all the way back. It was BRILLIANT. Well worth the trip. Utterly thrilling.

I have been feeling a tad nauseous so I haven't eaten yet. Maybe I'll go do that now.

Edit: Have still not eaten. Also, I thought I'd add that I absolutely hate Rose/Doctor right now, for various reasons but mostly because I have absolutely no patience for it. At all. I kind of miss the person I was three years ago. But then again, my writing is so much BETTER now. Fair trade? I think I might have been happier before.
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"Man...I sleep like an elephant. A dead elephant."
--Man talking to his friend in front of Johnston

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As the title says, I had a Life on Mars dream. It was surreal and creepy and I may not be remembering all of the dialogue exactly but this is my best stab at it.

At least I've now had a Life on Mars dream? )

It was a very unsettling dream...
Oh, and, earlier in the night, I dreamt that David Bowie was one of my teachers. That was pretty neat. I think there was a bunch of other time travel too but I don't remember it as clearly as the LoM section.

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Which means I'm logged out of this account like a MILLION. D: Well, once things calm down...
Oh wait, I don't think they do.


Oct. 18th, 2009 05:04 pm
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Greatest video EVER.

Watch if you like Merlin. Or classic Canadian animation. Or random crap.

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I'm going MAAAAD. I applied several years ago to a massive RP called [ profile] polychromatic as Donna Noble. I was rejected.
That rejection has stuck with me ever since, making me afraid of the roleplay. I hate being told my writing isn't good enough. I mean, I don't mind editing but something about this really...hurts. And I have no doubt that my writing WASN'T good enough. It still stung.

Anyway, I've applied again, this time as the Master. Back when I applied the first time, I knew nearly nothing about the Master. Now I've been writing and roleplaying him for a year. Will this mean I'm good enough? Well, I don't know. I'm waiting on a bloody response. I did only post yesterday but still. MENTAL. I just want to KNOW really. I mean, I've always got the 50's AU to comfort me if I don't get in but this feels like me facing my fears or something.

I'm worried I didn't say enough and my post was too short. I'm worried that I don't actually understand the Master's character. I'm worried that they hate my writing style on principle. I'm worried that even if I DO get in I won't understand how to do anything, I'll get completely overwhelmed and I'll get voted out or something. How does one plot? Do I know how to do that? Holy crap, you guys!

The sooner I know I'm not in it, the sooner I can move on.
Shit, pessimism.

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During the summer, whilst at [ profile] theanswer42's house, I had a long phone conversation with [ profile] lilyknotwisemd. It was really really weird. And Paisley filmed her fruitbowl at the same time and cut it together into a film. So, because it made me laugh so hard, here is the transcript of Fruit Bowl. Eventually, I'll get all the raw film from Paisley and transcribe the entire one side of the convo. For now, this is enough. Explanation: we were vaguely in character with me as the Master and Leah as the Doctor.


Transcription )


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Title: Tea At Alice's
Summary: Alice has a cunning plan to get the Doctor and Master back together. 50's AU.
Rating: PG or something
Characters/pairings: Master/Doctor, Alice Cartwright
Author's notes: This is basically just an explanation of what the crap happened on October 8th at two in the afternoon at Alice's house when she invited the Doctor and Master over for tea in the canon of our LiveJournal roleplay. She messaged them both, telling them to come over without saying that the other would be there in an attempt to get them back together after the huge fight they had three weeks ago.

Alice to Doctor:
"I thought maybe we could talk in person about all this. I may have lost my temper a bit on your journal before, and I want to make up for it. How about afternoon tea and coffee at my house at 2pm tomorrow? I made cinnamon cookies!"
Doctor: I don't actually know...I can't find it in my message history. Leah halp?

Alice to Master: "I was wondering if you might like to stop by tomorrow afternoon for a bit of a chat. I've talked to the Doctor about your current predicament, and I wanted to let you know in person what I found out. Say 2pm, my house? I'll have cinnamon cookies!"
Master: "My peace of mind is already shattered, so all right. Why not. I appreciate your assistance in this matter. I'm pretty much always free, especially since the...headaches started. Difficult to get work done. As I'm fairly certain they're stress-related, I imagine that a tea party will prove to be just the thing.
Oh sorry, of COURSE I mean simply 'tea'. It's hardly a 'party' when there's only two people attending. Phrasing is so important, don't you think?"

Anyway, that should be all the back ground needed, really. Here's the story.

One of my few srs bsns stories )


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