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Title: The M-Preg Story 
Summary: The title pretty much explains it. 
Rating: White Cortina. Probably.
Characters/pairings: Gene/Sam, Annie/Sam, Ray/Chris, Annie/Chris, and those are only the ones I kind of mention. Also, Phyllis.
Author's notes: and a friend were talking about how Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes pretty much hit, in canon, every single fanfic cliche there is, and then, OF COURSE, she had to say, "What about m-preg?" Thus. 

And then a deus ex machina. )
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"Man...I sleep like an elephant. A dead elephant."
--Man talking to his friend in front of Johnston

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A little bit of wailing 'nooooooo'

Warning: if anyone talks to me about anything at all in the Comments, there will be spoilers.
So don't read them if you're worried.
Have I mentioned that this is too fantastical to be believed?
And yet a part of me DOES?

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Now I can't help but think of options for an entirely DW casted version of Rocky Horror. Help?

New Who
Frank N. Furter: Master
Brad: Ten
Janet: Rose
Magenta: Donna
Columbia: (no clue)
Riff Raff: (no clue YOUR JOB, FIGURE OUT)
Rocky: Jack
Eddie: Nine

Brad: The Brig, to be all horrified and stuff
Janet: Mel
Magenta: Romana
Riff Raff: Master
Columbia: Tegan
Eddie: *shrug*
Rocky: ...I dunno. The only pretty blond I can think of is Five, but that's REALLY gross. 


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I've discovered this hilarious band on Youtube. They're so dumb they don't even know how dumb they are.
They're called The Russell Band and they're some sort of creepy obsessed Russell Brand fanbase who writes songs about him. They might be good for kicks and giggles.
By the way, if you recognise any of them, don't point it out. They may be idiotic but it's not kind to embarrass them.

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I hate you, Leah, for explaining grammar. Or math. Now I'm going through all my fanfiction and deleting every instance of a ~. The worst bit is that it SERIOUSLY fucks up the HTML and nothing works anymore.

Also: has a new function. It takes down the statistics of my readers. It's terribly diverting. Apparently, my readers are from the following countries, in order of most frequent to least: USA, UK, France, Australia, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, Germany. Most people read Fresh and the second most read Silly. Both of my fluff fanfics. So much for my secret aspiration to be taken seriously as a real comedy writer. No, it's fluff for me all the way. My path seems so clear now.

Crap, I really need to do my uni readings. I'm so slack. I need motivation.

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Title: Needs Moar Eight
Summary: 300 versions of Eight are all packed like sardines into a room together. OH WOW HOW HOT WHAT WILL HAPPEN.
Rating: Too hot to have a rating. 
Characters/pairings: Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/etc.
Disclaimer: Even Stephen Moffat couldn't get away with this.
Author's notes: I'm shocked and appalled at myself and my morals that were previously thought to exist. I DISGUST ME. HOW HORRID. YOU WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THIS FILTH.

Wow. )


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