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Dec. 1st, 2009 12:45 am
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Sometimes I post. And from now on, it's probably going to be me posting dreams. I had some really interesting ones recently. The most recent one first, because I'll have to expend more energy on remembering the not-so-recent one.

First Dream )

Second Dream )
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As the title says, I had a Life on Mars dream. It was surreal and creepy and I may not be remembering all of the dialogue exactly but this is my best stab at it.

At least I've now had a Life on Mars dream? )

It was a very unsettling dream...
Oh, and, earlier in the night, I dreamt that David Bowie was one of my teachers. That was pretty neat. I think there was a bunch of other time travel too but I don't remember it as clearly as the LoM section.


Sep. 23rd, 2009 10:01 am
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Dreamt my own episode of Buffy, or something. Very strange, due to me not actually SEEING much of Buffy.
Dream )


Sep. 22nd, 2009 01:26 pm
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I dreamt that I was part of a production of AVPM where I was Harry. Harry's theme for some reason was White and Nerdy and Draco's was Harder Better Faster Stronger. I didn't understand it at all. Neither did I know my lines, which was awkward.
I guess this means I should watch it now?
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The dream I had last night was...weird.

I'm not even sure... )
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Like it says on the label. They are from ages back so I might not remember them perfectly and also I have no idea what order I had these in so I'll just go in order of whatever the hell I feel like.
Actually, non-DW first.

Non-Doctor Who )

First Doctor Who dream )

Second Doctor Who dream )

I just remembered another dream that I had and forgot to transcribe.
This is it. )


Apr. 30th, 2009 11:52 am
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So I've been having a LOT of dreams lately. And thanks to OWR, a lot of them have either the Master or John Simm.
I'd imagine the downside is that they're all PG? Well most of them. My most recent one was just me reading a ridiculous fanfic including the Master and this random alien chick and I laughed a LOT at it and now I'm transcribing it. It was by a guy in my dream, I think. And now it's by me. And it's rated a little higher because it's a cracky fanfic. Well, it's a bit pretentious. But *I* sure don't take it seriously.
Actually, I'd better write it before I forget what happened. It had a lot of detail on this different alien species and I can't forget that because then it won't make any sense anymore.
But I'll quickly say what my other dreams were, and easily by transposing them from MSN with Paisley.
I first had a dream which was Four and Ten travelling with Donna. It was fabulous. Also awesome and other good things.
I also had a dream two nights ago that Paisley and I were in this house and we were kind of trapped there like Asylum, but the rooms were nicer. It was more like a house and less like, well, an asylum. And John Simm was there and he was still his real self but he was just our friend. When I say real self I mean married with two kids and all, just trapped in a house with us and being our friend. Also in part of the dream he held my hand at one point and within the word I read WAY too much into it. I got all flustered and shit and that's how I know that he was the same otherwise because in the dream I was thinking, "Calm down, Leah, he's married with kids." LOL. My dreams are way too logical for their own good. I mean, I can be hanging out with famous people and shit but my brain can't go the one farther step and remove the rest of reality. Damn me and my adherance to proper fan fiction. Anyway, there was this weird scheme going on with the other people in the house. And Paisley, John and I were trying to get to the bottom of it. Paisley kept going back to her room to do homework, though. It was a nice room I guess, so i can't blame her.


Apr. 24th, 2009 10:33 am
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I had a dream that I was playing Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World (which I love) and Emil (the hero of this game) had finally teamed up in battle with Lloyd (the hero of the first game). It was probably supposed to be near the end of a game. So they were fighting evil back to back and making comments about each other, kind of angry but mostly just friendly jabbing comments and then they defeated the enemy and turned to each other and FULL ON KISSED and I went "YES! I KNEW gayness would eventually happen in this game! Not necessarily these two...but still! Hahaha!"
It was a strange dream.

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 So, LJ has been miserably failing for the past week.
Apparently, the internet is a series of tubes and the information gets stuck inside. Namely, all of the comment messages I generally get sent to my MSN. I got FIFTY THREE right now. As I was reading through them, I realised that due to a humorous (read: not at all) misunderstanding of something I posted on Deirdre's journal ages back, I was having a huge fight and I didn't even know it. I chose all of my words so carefully to avoid any offence and take a very unemotional view of the topic and by leaving a qualifier out, I managed to seriously offend Deirdre. So I am very sorry and as I said, I hope you, Deirdre, can take another look at my comment as the very calm analysis it was meant to be.

Next, two nights ago, I met a friend of Paisley, who is called Tegan because of Tegan Jovanka. Which is so many kinds of awesome.

Lastly, several many nights ago, I had a dream that I was travelling with Ten and we ended up in Scotland in the far past. We were walking across this field and then, a bit across the field, we saw this old man and stopped walking because the Doctor was just staring at him.
"Doctor?" I said. "What is it?"
"Doctor?" said the old man, something seeming to register on him.
The Doctor, his eyes very wide, said, "Jamie?" The old man--Jamie--smiles back at him and then this enormous grin erupts across the Doctor's face and he books it across the field to Jamie and sweeps him up into a hug. Jamie, who has apparently remembered the Doctor and has figured out that this is another regeneration, hugs back and the Doctor kisses him on the top of his head.
It was one of my sweetest dreams ever.
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Huge and bloody EPIC Doctor Who dream last night. Only, I've forgotten most of it. I know there was an enormous section with Ten but I can't remember it. I can't even remember whether I was watching him, was with him, or WAS him. How annoying. And after that, there was a lot of following Jack around trying to save the world. And then him, me, Emma and Marion ended up on this weird beige planet with Five and Turlough. Five was trying to get us through this weird Rassilon door or something. And I think I was probably hitting on Turlough and not having very much luck. Also, I think Jack folded up a jellyfish and put it into his knapsack.
Everything else is blurry.
It just kept going, though. It was a little feverish, despite me not really being sick AND occasionally, it felt like I was reading fanfiction as opposed to dreaming in action.

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Due mostly to the Russell Band, I have been listening to Russell Brand's ex-radio show recently. It was damn funny. And so it was that I found myself listening to the show wherein he and Jonathan Ross phoned up Andrew Sachs. Yes, I HAVE ACTUALLY listened to it. My knowledge is not based on articles, it is based on true fact. Also, I'm not trying to excuse them, but really, they both have the mentality of a five year old. I thought that was why a lot of people enjoy Russell's comedy. He's a comedian, by the way. Shock value is his forte. Anyway, they called up Sachs' cell, hoping he would answer but all they got was an answerphone. So they decided to leave a message. Russell, being the sort who kisses and tells had told Jonathan that he'd done Sach's granddaughter. And Jonathan blurted out "HE FUCKED YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER!" during the message. Russell's response to this was, "What?! No! No! Don't say that!" or something equivalent. They then hung up. Much later in the show, Russell and Jonathan decided to leave an apology message but that failed as well, due to a chronic lack of planning. They were quite rude. I believe they were being assholes but I don't think it had quite sunk in on them yet that this was actually someone's real answerphone. In fact, the way they phrased things (which, I will admit, made me cry with laughter) implied that they felt like this was all a silly sketch. "The only way to fix this horrible message is to leave another message." Then they left one in the form of a song, in which Russell, for some reason asked Sachs' granddaughter to marry him shortly after which Jonathan asked Sachs to marry him. Then, they realised they'd balls'd it up and they decided to leave an ACTUAL apology. ("The only way to fix this is to do the same thing we've mucked up three times already!") So they did. They left an apology. it was sort of rubbish, but that was what it was meant to be.
Terribly childish, yes, but I seriously do NOT think they deserve to be crucified. Andrew Sachs has actually accepted their apology. They have both apologized numerous times, Russell has resigned from the BBC (and excuse me for thinking this, but there go any fame chances for the Band) and they are both very sorry. Honestly. This is being taken WAY out of hand. Added to this is the fact that the show was PRE-RECORDED. Wow. Seriously. Okay, and I think that's likely the last I'll say on that.

So! Today, Paisley and I made a bowl of pudding and then ate it in Astronomy. Is that whimsical enough for you all?
Also, when I was trying to get to bed last night, I couldn't because there were a bunch of British (and Irish) comedians in my head who WOULDN'T shut up. Eventually, I wrote down some of what they said. These are more effective if you read them in the accents of the people involved. The first one is also topical. They are both quite weird.
"Look, I'm not saying that Andrew Sachs is a kind of prostitute but I am heavily implying it."--Russell Brand (Oh dear.)
"Do you know how much people have to grow to become trees. They don't. They never become trees, which I think is a comment on our society."--Dylan Moran
I then had a dream in which Fry and Laurie were in drag and talking about chins and eyebrows.

I'll leave you with that.


Oct. 29th, 2008 12:42 am
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Okay, I realised a bit ago and sporfled.
The dream I had about the party with Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding?
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It was a bit ago, actually. Two days, maybe. I need a f!cking Mighty Boosh icon. I just can't choose one. It would need to communicate everything because I'm bloody hampered by my icon choice. Anyway, the dream is all, like, deeply delvelatious into my psyche and the like.

There's this party )
Actually, probably the most revealing psyche type thing is that I'm posting this at five in the morning. I have a class in three hours...I doubt I'm going.

More crap )
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Spoilers )

On a similar note, I had a Doctor Who dream last night pertaining to....well, it felt like it was the end of everything. Like, I knew there was this huge thing coming that I couldn't stop. I was travelling in the TARDIS with the Doctor (for once!) and he kept doing the most banal things. Like looking in on certain events with this screen he had on his wall. Only...it was like, we'd be watching, and then the person would look up and be like, "And who the hell are you?" I kept asking the Doctor, "Why can they see us?" and he said, "No, they can't. It's only a projection of a situation, not the actual event. There's no logical way for the actual person..." and blah blah blah on like that. At another point, we gathered wool off a sheep. I shit you not. Then the TARDIS turned into some sort of low shelter and we gave scissors to an ancient civilisation. And all the while, I had this sense of dread. There was something coming. Something big. Something a little bit Armageddon-y.
On the upside, I got to be a little touchy-feely with the Doctor and he didn't mind. Lots of hugs. Brilliant. It was at least a little comforting, considering that he seemed to be ignoring the bigger issue of universe-destruction.


May. 18th, 2008 11:29 am
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I just had an AWESOME dream. It started out with me as the Doctor. Ten. I was trying to talk this country out of...well, attacking me and other people. They'd had me imprisoned for the first half of the dream but I seem to have mostly forgotten that. As the Doctor, I was just waiting them out, when suddenly, some sort of force possessed me. I stopped being the Doctor and watched as he began to order huge amounts of a poisonous plant to overgrow the kingdom.
Then, I switched. I was the Master. Simm Master. It was REALLY awesome. Except that I'd already been bloody captured by the Doctor and he was honestly making me sit in a locked car with one of his Companions babysitting me, essentially. She was giving me wary looks.
"It's stifling in here," I complained.
"Too bad," she said, stony-faced. I gave her a look, and leaned back against the other door, my feet drawn up on the seat. Someone had cuffed my hands as well, so I couldn't do very much. It also really was very hot. All the doors and windows were closed, obviously, and it was a hot day. It was a little hard to breathe.
"Get me an ice cream," I demanded.
"Yeah right," she said.
"What kind of 'good guy' are you?" I asked. "You're torturing a prisoner in what is effectively a sauna. I demand my right to an ice cream." She opened the door a little behind her and I must have leaned forward unconciously because she closed it again instantly.
"You'll just run away while I'm getting you one," she said. I tried to look like she'd injured my sensibilities or something.
"Of course not," I said. "I just want an ice cream, which appears to be too much to ask with you." She glared at me, then sighed.
"All right," she said and left the car, with the door very slightly ajar, but locked with what appeared to be one of those chain locks they often have in apartments. I sort of rolled my eyes at it, and prepared to make a run for it, when the Doctor walked into the area and the Companion handed me an ice cream. I took it, and sighed but began to eat it. There was no way I was going to book with the Doctor right there. And it had been so close too...
"Bring him with us," said the Doctor, and the Companion pulled me out of the car as I finished my ice cream and began to pull me along briskly until we came to a room, which we entered. I was shoved to my own corner on the floor and fell into a sitting position rather quickly due to the cuffs. The Doctor gave me a bit of a kick and walked to lean against a table and work on some sort of device. This alerted me rather instantly that something was amiss, as the Doctor would never kick me. He's trying to fix me, not use me as his personal abuse toy, although the car was a little suspect... I eyed the Doctor with the eye of an expert and instantly identified him as being possessed. After all...I do it so often to other people.
"Hey," I said, beckoning over the Companion. She came. "Closer," I said. She gave me a look. "It's a secret," I said. Rolling her eyes, and still looking wary, she leant over to me. "Do you realise," I asked, "that the Doctor is possessed?"
"Nice try," she said.
"No, really," I said. "I'm an expert. You can see the slight burned entry of an amateur on his neck." She looked, then shook her head.
"I see nothing," she said. "Stop trying to stir up trouble."
"Is he?" said the 'Doctor'. "We'll have to do something about him after I finish this." I remember the kick and decide that I very much don't want to experience that 'something'. I manage to wrench my...sort of spirity thing free from my body and make a dash at the Doctor. But I can't seem to jar the possessor out. Steeling myself, I get myself to a very high height, then plummet at his head. When I hit, I knock the other spirit out and the Doctor convulses, then falls back against the table looking a little horrified. As soon as the other spirit is out, these things show up, meant to rip apart and dissolve bad possessing things. I supposed that they were a phenomena native to the area but it did mean that it was rather urgent for me to get back into my own body. As they dissolved and captured the other spirit, I hurried back to my body and started to get in, when a stray laser from the war outside hit mosty of my spirit and solidified it into a black charred mass that flew to the side. Stumbling a bit (due to the very small amount of myself I had managed to get into my body, I rushed to the black mass at the same time as the things did. Managing to reach it first, I clutched it to myself as well as I could in handcuffs and got harried by the things into the opposite corner of the room, where I fell backwards. They started busily trying to yank my spirit away from me.
"Oh no you DON'T," I muttered. "I LIKE this body." One of them went into my mouth to try and pull out the bit of me that had gotten in, and I went into a coughing fit that didn't stop even when I woke up.
I coughed, actually, for minutes afterward and couldn't get back to sleep.
But it was an awesome dream while it lasted.


Apr. 6th, 2008 12:58 pm
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 So....I saw the Season Finale of Torchwood and Partners in Crime last night....and I've made up my mind that as I go, I'm going to post my impressions of the episodes. But first, a dream I had the night prior to watching the shows.
I watched Torchwood first yesterday and it nearly killed me because Doctor Who hadn't finished downloading, and then Leah spoilered me for the episode by looking up interesting-sounding clips from the episode on YouTube. ...I wish she hadn't told me what it was about after because I would have liked to be surprised. Oh well. I can be surprised for the next 12.
What bothered me is that there's this actiony theme that plays for the Doctor when action is going on and it's not All the Strange, Strange Creatures and I have no idea what it is. It's driving me crazy. They played it in this episode when they weren't playing Donna's Theme so, Marion, if you actually read this babble and you know what it's called, PLEASE tell me.
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 And I procrastinated on posting it. I'll try and recall it to the best of my ability.

Last Night

Mar. 9th, 2008 09:42 pm
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I had another Doctor Who dream. BUT, for the first time, it didn't have the Doctor in it at all. It was about Martha walking around and investigating this facility all on her own. She thought they had lava, but they didn't really, it was fake lava. That's all I can remember. Actually, I'll take this opportunity to talk about all the other Doctor Who dreams I've had that I can remember.

Dreams )

I'm sure I've had other dreams, but honestly, I can't remember them, and these are big enough, right? Huge! Generally plotted! Episodes in my brain!


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