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Man, it's a creepy icon in context with the dream too. OH WELL. MOAR CREEPY.

I had a dream in which I was the Tenth Doctor and I needed to kill the Master somehow because he was hurting people and he was like...just as crazy as he was in End of Time but in a frightening...occasionally seeming completely sane way. And the only way that could stop him was killing him.

But I COULDN'T. Not directly. Because I was the Doctor and he's obviously pretty big on the 'not-killing-the-Master' thing. So, uh, despite the involved in timeline...whatever thing, I ended up going back in time and fiddling with a few things to stop the series of events that led to the Master returning in my dream. Which, because it was a dream, involved, I seem to remember, a shark tank, and trying to reprogram a computer that the Master had programmed with AI to really WANT him back and make it happen. It took a while, but I finally managed to fix things and came back to the time I had been at before. Where the Master very distinctly WASN'T. So I was kind of melancholy about it, but also pretty relieved, because I'd managed to save everyone.

So I was standing, fixing a portion of the machine in the room I was in and then suddenly the Master grabbed me. He was right behind me and he wrapped his arm around my neck, semi-choking me and pulling my head back painfully as he pressed his body right up against me. And then, sounding darkly amused and speaking with his lips right by my ear, he said, "How naive, Doctor. You REALLY thought that would stop me? OH no."

He spent the rest of the dream with me as a sort of pet, destroying the people and things I loved, and saying, "I am doing this for you own good because you need to love only ME." Alternately petting me and treating me like a lover and torturing me. Of course, I couldn't help but continue to love him all the same but I spent the whole dream trying to escape, and to stop him, and he foiled every attempt. Sometimes he'd tease me and let me think I had a chance to win before trapping me again.

Scared the crap out of me, the whole dream.
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