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Pick five of your favourite shows, in no particular order, before you read the questions below, then answer them!

1. Doctor Who
2. Merlin
3. Life on Mars
4. The Mighty Boosh
5. Spaced

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Sep. 9th, 2009 07:08 pm
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So....first thing, I have to get EIGHTEEN BOOKS this semester.
Second thing, they're....all...well, for looking forward to Children's Lit so much, there's not really much I really like in it. Also, it includes Treasure Island. D:
I kind of vaguely hoped that the Brit Lit teacher would find a way to stick some Michael Winterbottom in somehow (because he likes showing films) but not such luck. No random Eccles, John Simm or Steve Coogan for me... Or in general. I mean, they could have ended up in one of the films somehow. But all the film adaptions of the books are them-less. There is one with David Morrissey in it, though, so not a total loss. Also, Jonathan Pryce.
But still.
%#$@%$ Treasure Island.
The final project had BETTER be something like 'write your own children's book'.


Sep. 9th, 2009 01:53 am
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Today, I was an event monitor for a bar trip. Lots of really drunk first year uni students all sexin' each other up on a dance floor.
However, they are not supposed to know your name if you are in charge, in case they use it against you.
So all night, I was Sam Tyler.
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So....I felt like talking about this. For some reason.
I shift to extremes on my main fandom: Doctor Who. That's the only one that's STUCK. Others come and go but Doctor Who is always there, sulking in the background and killing various people.
But the way I react to it is RIDICULOUS.

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THE MASTER IS COMING BACK (thank you, @Wossy).



Jun. 1st, 2009 11:24 pm
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It can't hold a candle to Marion's fabulous posts but this is what I wore to the zoo today.

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Apr. 30th, 2009 11:52 am
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So I've been having a LOT of dreams lately. And thanks to OWR, a lot of them have either the Master or John Simm.
I'd imagine the downside is that they're all PG? Well most of them. My most recent one was just me reading a ridiculous fanfic including the Master and this random alien chick and I laughed a LOT at it and now I'm transcribing it. It was by a guy in my dream, I think. And now it's by me. And it's rated a little higher because it's a cracky fanfic. Well, it's a bit pretentious. But *I* sure don't take it seriously.
Actually, I'd better write it before I forget what happened. It had a lot of detail on this different alien species and I can't forget that because then it won't make any sense anymore.
But I'll quickly say what my other dreams were, and easily by transposing them from MSN with Paisley.
I first had a dream which was Four and Ten travelling with Donna. It was fabulous. Also awesome and other good things.
I also had a dream two nights ago that Paisley and I were in this house and we were kind of trapped there like Asylum, but the rooms were nicer. It was more like a house and less like, well, an asylum. And John Simm was there and he was still his real self but he was just our friend. When I say real self I mean married with two kids and all, just trapped in a house with us and being our friend. Also in part of the dream he held my hand at one point and within the word I read WAY too much into it. I got all flustered and shit and that's how I know that he was the same otherwise because in the dream I was thinking, "Calm down, Leah, he's married with kids." LOL. My dreams are way too logical for their own good. I mean, I can be hanging out with famous people and shit but my brain can't go the one farther step and remove the rest of reality. Damn me and my adherance to proper fan fiction. Anyway, there was this weird scheme going on with the other people in the house. And Paisley, John and I were trying to get to the bottom of it. Paisley kept going back to her room to do homework, though. It was a nice room I guess, so i can't blame her.

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A little bit of wailing 'nooooooo'

Warning: if anyone talks to me about anything at all in the Comments, there will be spoilers.
So don't read them if you're worried.
Have I mentioned that this is too fantastical to be believed?
And yet a part of me DOES?


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