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The answer is pretty cool.
It's the section of Threadless for people who can't draw!
I'm a person who can't draw!
Also, does anyone know how big of a men's size of American Apparel hoody I would need to get? I have never shopped there in my life.

EDIT: Use my link if you're going to do anything on Threadless, not this guy's link because it gives him points if you do stuff, I think but OMG WTF IS THIS T-SHIRT. IT OFFENDS ME SO MUCH AND ALSO MAKES ME KIND OF SAD.

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Title: What?
Series (Story number): Who's Right? (16)
Summary: Don't write stories when you're very tired. 50's AU.
Rating: PG-13? How do ratings even work?
Characters/pairings: Master/Doctor
Author's notes: I was avoiding sleep and messaging a story to Leah who was sitting right beside me. Strangeness in the story is often due to me forgetting what I'd just written and rolling with it. Explanation of series here.

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Sep. 3rd, 2009 02:43 pm
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Mum just brought me a bunch of stuff and made me REALLY happy and then she started piling, like, yogurt and hummous that she made and strawberries and milk and old cheddar into my arms so I could put it in the fridge in the 2ndFL and I started crying. I'm so stressed and tired right now, OMG. I need sleep. I'm so happy and sad at the same time I could cry right now. Again.
ALSO they brought Luna and she was really well behaved and snuggly and toddled all over Artz. N'AWWWW.
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I had one today. I got some really nice presents! Actually, I got another one from Sharmy before and also they made me enough cupcakes to make a cake!
So, because I have a webcam now, you get bad, grainy pictures of everything. Yay!

Me. Very tired. In my new, undecorated VP single room in Artz. SOOOOO TIRED. I am going to bed right after I post these. I'm supposed to be up for 7 BUT SCREW THAT. I have to teach the dance? I can't. Too dead.

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Continued from my previous post. was like this the last time I did it too. Why I keep torturing myself like this I have no idea.
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Well, it's my first new post in maybe...forever. So...not much to say, actually. Or...too much.
Marion finally got me into The Mighty Boosh, I suppose. Which is odd, because I showed it to her in the first place, now that I think of it. so I got her into it to get me into it. Neat.
I'd better stop wasting my time on this and instead put it towards more...important things. Like homework so that maybe I can go to University. Or sleep. Because I can feel the onset of a sore throat.
Leaving, now.


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