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Dec. 1st, 2009 12:45 am
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Sometimes I post. And from now on, it's probably going to be me posting dreams. I had some really interesting ones recently. The most recent one first, because I'll have to expend more energy on remembering the not-so-recent one.

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Second Dream )
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So a very long age ago, [livejournal.com profile] 45eugenia posted some amusing, Doctor Who-related things she'd done with this website that has a series of forms you can fill out. I showed it to Leah, and, of course, shortly after, I ended up sending her one that I'd filled out that was an apology to Sarah Jane. Then, to my complete surprise, she sent a response from Sarah. Then it got a little out of hand.
Following are the forms that we did, labelled by who did them.

Miscellaneous )

Master/Doctor )

The Doctor and the Time Lords )

Time War )

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Title: Sad Music
Series (Story number): Ginger and Roses (6)
Summary: Sadness ensues.
Rating: G
Characters/pairings: Doctor (10)
Author's notes: Written in text to Lolcorn and Katie at a Patrick Wolf concert between sets.

The Doctor, in normal circumstances, would probably enjoy Patrick Wolf )

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Title: The Affair
Series (Story number): Who's Right? (5)
Summary: The Doctor's moral standards are far too strict. 50's AU.
Rating: PG-13
Characters/pairings: Master/Doctor, Doctor/Other Character
Author's notes: Written in text to Leah A. Yet another where it went wrong in the middle and I had to fix it. That's a theme with these stories... Explanation of series here.

The Doctor has a really bad habit of destroying all of his relationships...I wonder if this one will work out? )

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Title: Sad
Series (Story number): Who's Right? (2)
Summary: The Doctor has a bunch of inner pain. 50's AU.
Rating: PG
Characters/pairings: Master/Doctor
Author's notes: Written in text to Leah A and based on a lot of inside jokes off of Sims 3. Explanation of series here.

Just who is whose bitch? )

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Title: The Worst Christmas Ever
Series (Story number): Ginger and Roses (3)
Summary: The obvious follow-up to Sad Day
Rating: G
Characters/pairings: Ten, Turlough
Author's notes:
Moar text stories.

Turlough refuses to put up with Time Lain )

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Title: Sad Day
Series (Story number): Ginger and Roses (1)
Summary: A short story about the Doctor's inner pain.
Rating: G
Characters/pairings: Ten
Author's notes: This is the first of many stories that I wrote on text to Leah. My phone has a limit of 160 characters per text so they end up being way shorter than any of my other stories. This is good. It's the only way to stop myself from blathering on forever.

Man pain. Main. Time Lord pain. Time Lain. )
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