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A little bit of wailing 'nooooooo'

Warning: if anyone talks to me about anything at all in the Comments, there will be spoilers.
So don't read them if you're worried.
Have I mentioned that this is too fantastical to be believed?
And yet a part of me DOES?

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Spoilers )

On a similar note, I had a Doctor Who dream last night pertaining to....well, it felt like it was the end of everything. Like, I knew there was this huge thing coming that I couldn't stop. I was travelling in the TARDIS with the Doctor (for once!) and he kept doing the most banal things. Like looking in on certain events with this screen he had on his wall. was like, we'd be watching, and then the person would look up and be like, "And who the hell are you?" I kept asking the Doctor, "Why can they see us?" and he said, "No, they can't. It's only a projection of a situation, not the actual event. There's no logical way for the actual person..." and blah blah blah on like that. At another point, we gathered wool off a sheep. I shit you not. Then the TARDIS turned into some sort of low shelter and we gave scissors to an ancient civilisation. And all the while, I had this sense of dread. There was something coming. Something big. Something a little bit Armageddon-y.
On the upside, I got to be a little touchy-feely with the Doctor and he didn't mind. Lots of hugs. Brilliant. It was at least a little comforting, considering that he seemed to be ignoring the bigger issue of universe-destruction.
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I was playing the Sims 2 and it was Rose's Birthday Party. And I was making her hook up with Mickey, when I noticed: Jackie was in the middle of the room, naked, having a sponge bath at the sink. Her Hygiene must have gotten so low that she was desperate, and bloody Betty Pleasant was chatting in the bathroom, so she got naked.
It was really classy.
I got pictures. If I can find them properly, I'll post the best one later (and you can see what a bad job I did of trying to properly make her face. She's worse than ROSE.)
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 So I tried to write a fluff first and failed because it turned into a crack, as I mentioned before, and I haven't finished that yet. But I came up with a different idea (at 2 in the morning, no less) and finished writing it today. So here it is, embarrassing me dreadfully.

Title: Silly
Summary: Pure, unadulterated Ten/Rose fluff with little plot
Rating: PG for about one reference to an adult concept
Word count: 1243
Characters/pairings: Ten, Rose
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING. Well, maybe the concept.
Author's notes: This is my first ever attempt at fluff (I like action and DIALOGUE, curse it!) so this is mostly written just to see if I can. Spoilers, I suppose, for anything after the Season Two finale.

Oh dear... )
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 All right, here they are: my impressions (belated) on Fires of Pompei and my impressions (fresh) on Planet of the Ood.



Apr. 6th, 2008 12:58 pm
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 So....I saw the Season Finale of Torchwood and Partners in Crime last night....and I've made up my mind that as I go, I'm going to post my impressions of the episodes. But first, a dream I had the night prior to watching the shows.
I watched Torchwood first yesterday and it nearly killed me because Doctor Who hadn't finished downloading, and then Leah spoilered me for the episode by looking up interesting-sounding clips from the episode on YouTube. ...I wish she hadn't told me what it was about after because I would have liked to be surprised. Oh well. I can be surprised for the next 12.
What bothered me is that there's this actiony theme that plays for the Doctor when action is going on and it's not All the Strange, Strange Creatures and I have no idea what it is. It's driving me crazy. They played it in this episode when they weren't playing Donna's Theme so, Marion, if you actually read this babble and you know what it's called, PLEASE tell me.


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