Apr. 30th, 2009 11:52 am
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So I've been having a LOT of dreams lately. And thanks to OWR, a lot of them have either the Master or John Simm.
I'd imagine the downside is that they're all PG? Well most of them. My most recent one was just me reading a ridiculous fanfic including the Master and this random alien chick and I laughed a LOT at it and now I'm transcribing it. It was by a guy in my dream, I think. And now it's by me. And it's rated a little higher because it's a cracky fanfic. Well, it's a bit pretentious. But *I* sure don't take it seriously.
Actually, I'd better write it before I forget what happened. It had a lot of detail on this different alien species and I can't forget that because then it won't make any sense anymore.
But I'll quickly say what my other dreams were, and easily by transposing them from MSN with Paisley.
I first had a dream which was Four and Ten travelling with Donna. It was fabulous. Also awesome and other good things.
I also had a dream two nights ago that Paisley and I were in this house and we were kind of trapped there like Asylum, but the rooms were nicer. It was more like a house and less like, well, an asylum. And John Simm was there and he was still his real self but he was just our friend. When I say real self I mean married with two kids and all, just trapped in a house with us and being our friend. Also in part of the dream he held my hand at one point and within the word I read WAY too much into it. I got all flustered and shit and that's how I know that he was the same otherwise because in the dream I was thinking, "Calm down, Leah, he's married with kids." LOL. My dreams are way too logical for their own good. I mean, I can be hanging out with famous people and shit but my brain can't go the one farther step and remove the rest of reality. Damn me and my adherance to proper fan fiction. Anyway, there was this weird scheme going on with the other people in the house. And Paisley, John and I were trying to get to the bottom of it. Paisley kept going back to her room to do homework, though. It was a nice room I guess, so i can't blame her.

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But apparently, they don't understand 'for the lulz'. Oh well. I'm clearly well on my way to being an 'Anonymous'.
But, seriously, LOLOLOLOL.
No, honestly, I think people think I'm for serious. Clearly, BSH aren't very internet savvy or otherwise, they'd automatically assume 'troll'. Which, honestly, is what we are. And I had such FAITH in them. Hmm.
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Well, I finally sort of finished the script for The Team of People. Now it's up to Sean to fix my failure parts and make it into a comic rather than a sort of script thing. I'm very excited indeed. This will actually be a webcomic! Huzzah!
Also, I' doing a zine for my 2D SART class and it's going to be a DW story told from the point of view of the Master and the Doctor. The art on the cover has to be a print carved out of a lino block and I'm worried of how it'll turn out. It's going to be the Master on the back and the Doctor (Ten) on the front. I'll put it up on DA once I finish it. The cover and the innards, I mean. The innards will have art too, of course. It's a zine. That's what they're FOR. Anyway, I'm going to write the story next week which is also Reading Week for Guelph. Does anyone want to get together next week?
I'll also use this post to beg whoever sees this journal to read the Our Wacky Roommate story series that Paisley, Sharmy and I write because it's sort of actually funny. I dunno. I'm an attention whore. It's owr_fiction in my groups...
Marion...are you going to post the cookies?
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 I have a new Community! One that I am in charge of (partially). It's terribly exciting and represents a large portion of what my life's been about lately! You should all come check it out!


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