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I had one today. I got some really nice presents! Actually, I got another one from Sharmy before and also they made me enough cupcakes to make a cake!
So, because I have a webcam now, you get bad, grainy pictures of everything. Yay!

Me. Very tired. In my new, undecorated VP single room in Artz. SOOOOO TIRED. I am going to bed right after I post these. I'm supposed to be up for 7 BUT SCREW THAT. I have to teach the dance? I can't. Too dead.

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So a very long age ago, [ profile] 45eugenia posted some amusing, Doctor Who-related things she'd done with this website that has a series of forms you can fill out. I showed it to Leah, and, of course, shortly after, I ended up sending her one that I'd filled out that was an apology to Sarah Jane. Then, to my complete surprise, she sent a response from Sarah. Then it got a little out of hand.
Following are the forms that we did, labelled by who did them.

Miscellaneous )

Master/Doctor )

The Doctor and the Time Lords )

Time War )

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Title: Needs Moar Eight
Summary: 300 versions of Eight are all packed like sardines into a room together. OH WOW HOW HOT WHAT WILL HAPPEN.
Rating: Too hot to have a rating. 
Characters/pairings: Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/etc.
Disclaimer: Even Stephen Moffat couldn't get away with this.
Author's notes: I'm shocked and appalled at myself and my morals that were previously thought to exist. I DISGUST ME. HOW HORRID. YOU WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THIS FILTH.

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