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If anyone cares (Read: Marion), the plotline in the 50's AU journals right now?
Completely encapsulated by this song.

It goes from just before the Master pushed too far to the present point.
I love Tears For Fears.
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Honestly. I could listen to it FOREVER.

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Because I still can't find a torrent of David Devant and His Spirit Wife. If you haven't heard of them, they're a fantastic band from the nineties 'til now that somehow, never really got popular. I learned about them after watching the weird cult-y show Asylum for which they were the band that did a song every episode, with the main riff from their song 'Ginger' serving as the theme. Absolutely EVERY song that I heard on the show, I loved.
However, I've discovered the perils of loving an indie band because for the life of me, I can't find them available for download anywhere, nor can I find them in any store. I look every place, I dunno.
What I mainly want is the album 'Work, Lovelife, Miscellaneous' because it has all the Asylum songs.
I looked on Amazon and it's only available new for £30. Which is about $60 Canadian, yeah? I don't want to have to pay that much for it, honestly. If I got it used, it's still $30. For USED. GODDAMN. I really like the band, but seriously......
Paisley, you wouldn't consider downloading Asylum and ripping the songs from it, would you? I'd be very grateful. I'm going up the wall here. I do a search every two months and it never bloody goes up.

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It was FABULOUS. I went last night and guys? I was in the same room as Bret and Jemaine. Okay, I'm seriously happy. They were hilarious and excellent and there was a surprising amount of heckling that they dealt with perfectly. MAN they're funny. There was also a woman who flung stuff up onto stage that corresponded with the songs, a la Rocky Horror which was a little dumb but at the same time, it meant Bret was wearing an eye patch during Bowie. And Jemaine quoted from Labyrinth.
There was also a guy called Nigel with a cello, proving that cellos improve everything. Jenny with cello was SUBLIME. It was all so gorgeous, honestly. I've forgotten their exact set list but if I went through a list of their songs I could probably figure out what they did with each one.
ALSO they totally un-cockblocked me by playing the Bus Driver Song, my utter favourite. They keep almost doing it in the show but they never did and then they did it NOW with a cello and three-part-harmony. I was quite happy. THREE PART HARMONY. Also, I've noticed that Bret has to play the girl in a lot of songs which was kind of funny but it meant we got to sing along for the Girlfriends song. I love that. About the only song they didn't play that I'm obsessed with was You Don't Have to be a Prostitute but that was also okay because they played everything else I love.
I think Jemaine rapped about having sex with a cake tin during Freaky. Paisley, Sharmy and I freaked out. Haha. Freaked out during Freaky.
I'm just writing everything I remember here. They did a mash-up of Brahbrah and Sugalumps. I love mash-ups. That was pretty good although Bret touched the hand of a woman and she grabbed his hand and tried to come up on stage and Bret went "Whoa!" and jumped back. Silly woman. That's not what he meant to do. Don't push your luck.
Anyway, this was the Greatest Day and it's been the first concert I've ever been to where I was actually a huge fan of the performers.
Oh, right, and the opener, Eugene Mirman, made me laugh so hard I cried and then started coughing and nearly threw up. A success.
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I finally posted my video on Youtube thanks to Deirdre yay!
Here it is.

And here are the lyrics.
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I think I've been waiting all this time because I meant to, like, do some huge back-post on Polaris. But I'm far too lazy. So here is the link to
[ profile] maidm 's journal, written back at a reasonable time when it actually happened. I'll just add my own comment that it was utterly fantastic and I can't wait to do it next year. Hooray!

So, Guelph is cool. There are many jam sessions in Artz Haus which means I get to do piano and singing stuff sometimes.

Also, I've started a VERY silly project with my roommate Paisley. I, if someone wants to know in particular I'll expand, I suppose.

I got a big Dalek poster and I'm still deciding whether I want to keep it after uni or if I want to give it to Hayley... I'll see how I feel come year's end.

My teachers are all fabulous although due to it being first year, I don't have very inventive courses. I am taking Astronomy, though. We'll have to see how that turns out. Luckily, it's a course for dumb art students like me. We will not, apparently, have to do much math. Which would upset some people, I'm sure, but not me.
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I haven't even posted what happened at Polaris 22 yet, because it will involve a LOT of picture uploading and endless talking. i'm not up for that right now.
What I AM up for is posting the mostly done (but for dynamics, but I can't get those to work) soundtrack I wrote for the Doctor Who fanscript my friends mostly wrote. I dunno if they'll ever finish it, let alone post it, but my soundtrack IS quite spoilery for it.

Here's the link to the song.
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Okay, and also, now I can finally type up that damn Quantum Leap thing due to having computer access. Also, I'll be putting up a huge series of Doctor Who related things next week  including my report on Polaris 22, Doctor Who Pie Day and a series of letters from the Bureau of Communication.

But first.
I just finished watching Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog which I will be BUYING when it comes out on DVD. It was beautiful and funny and gorgeous and I had forgotten how much I liked Joss Whedon because I've been recently maily obsessed with his gay Welsh counterpart.
Man...Joss Whedon should write an episode of Doctor Who. It would be funny because no-one would know it wasn't by RTD.
Anyway, everyone was fantastic in it and I want to give Dr. Horrible a great big hug. Oh Joss. You and your woobies. 


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