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Title: Tea At Alice's
Summary: Alice has a cunning plan to get the Doctor and Master back together. 50's AU.
Rating: PG or something
Characters/pairings: Master/Doctor, Alice Cartwright
Author's notes: This is basically just an explanation of what the crap happened on October 8th at two in the afternoon at Alice's house when she invited the Doctor and Master over for tea in the canon of our LiveJournal roleplay. She messaged them both, telling them to come over without saying that the other would be there in an attempt to get them back together after the huge fight they had three weeks ago.

Alice to Doctor:
"I thought maybe we could talk in person about all this. I may have lost my temper a bit on your journal before, and I want to make up for it. How about afternoon tea and coffee at my house at 2pm tomorrow? I made cinnamon cookies!"
Doctor: I don't actually know...I can't find it in my message history. Leah halp?

Alice to Master: "I was wondering if you might like to stop by tomorrow afternoon for a bit of a chat. I've talked to the Doctor about your current predicament, and I wanted to let you know in person what I found out. Say 2pm, my house? I'll have cinnamon cookies!"
Master: "My peace of mind is already shattered, so all right. Why not. I appreciate your assistance in this matter. I'm pretty much always free, especially since the...headaches started. Difficult to get work done. As I'm fairly certain they're stress-related, I imagine that a tea party will prove to be just the thing.
Oh sorry, of COURSE I mean simply 'tea'. It's hardly a 'party' when there's only two people attending. Phrasing is so important, don't you think?"

Anyway, that should be all the back ground needed, really. Here's the story.

One of my few srs bsns stories )


Sep. 19th, 2009 03:11 pm
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Turlough's CD drive is broken. Probably. I don't want to break a CD trying it....Oh, whatever, I'll try a rubbish one.
Can you buy CD drives for old-style computers any more? And if so, how much are they? Is it worth my while?
It makes a high pitched hummy noise, but it works. But only if I give it a little shove in at the end, otherwise it just extends again. Uh....Paranoid....Perhaps I'll let it gradually go up in complexity. Let's see, what music CD do I care the least about?
The An Horse EP (I have the LP so it doesn't matter, really). just fine.
Did I actually just fix the jarred CD drive by taking it apart, fiddling with it, and putting it back together?
I feel almost vaguely competent... Master bleedover working for the good? That would be too much to hope for.
Okay. Okay. Uh....I want to test a movie but those are sort of important... Oh, I know. I'll test Walking With Cavemen because I got it for the lulz and for about two dollars. works fine. I guess I'll just be careful to make sure it doesn't overheat. Actually, it's not even humming any more...
This was an educational experience. How strange that it all worked out... I'm glad, because Lucy's too slow to handle playing movies and I would've had a bit of a dilemma.


Sep. 18th, 2009 12:35 pm
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I am not a fan of dystopian futures, have I ever mentioned that? Maybe not here. But originally, I avoided sci-fi like the plague because I was completely convinced that it was all horrid dystopian futures. Which is true to a certain extent. Quite a lot of it is.
So now I'm being forced to read The Handmaid's Tale by Atwood and I...well, I would never read this on my own, let's say that. It just makes me angry and depressed and as I was already angry from last night (due to [ profile] moralsremitted) and also depressed (due to let's not get into that) it is NOT HELPING.
Especially because all of this stuff it has with the women getting banned from work and being forced to be housewives (initially, at least) made me realise that I'm fucking WRITING a dystopian future with this 50's AU and I never noticed before, due to how cracky it generally is. But now that it's got a depressing plotline itself I've realised what I've done. I hope this doesn't depress me from doing it! There are wonderful strong women in the series: Donna keeping her job and fighting against piggish men and stereotypes of the society for the sheer stubbornness of HAVING to because she couldn't look at herself otherwise, staying in a job when she would actually gladly get married but for the loss of her rights; Rose, who as far as Leah and I can tell is off by herself fighting aliens, to hell with the Doctor; River, who wields her sexuality like a weapon, breaking through the shocked morals of the society like a battering ram; even, or, especially Alice who has begun to feel as if perhaps not everything is right, her problems aren't necessarily HER fault, that there is another, better way. I mean, hell, even the Doctor is trying to break down this stupid society somewhat although the Master REALLY ISN'T HELPING.
Shit, I'm tired, guys. I've been reading too much Margaret Atwood.
Anyway, I wonder if I should be going more into depth with this society. What happened to MAKE it this way?
I wish it was crack again.

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If anyone cares (Read: Marion), the plotline in the 50's AU journals right now?
Completely encapsulated by this song.

It goes from just before the Master pushed too far to the present point.
I love Tears For Fears.
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The character journals went all serious on me and Leah, guys.
First, the Doctor pissed off the Master by insinuating that the Master missed him and was affectionate.
And then the Master was EXTREMELY petty and FFFFFFFFFF

[ profile] theatricmood:
Did he (Jacob) NEED to stay in the house though? He kept using the good glasses...

[ profile] moralsremitted: His home was in ARIZONA. I'm not a COMPLETE bastard to my minions.
Unlike you and some of your COMPANIONS, I might add.
Tell me, did you ever ACTUALLY go back and get that Companion of yours, Miss Smith?
Or that one, the name you keep mentioning and assuming I won't notice...Jamie, was it?

[ profile] theatricmood:Your door better be dead locked.

And then we were both like "WUT NAO, DOCTAH?!?!" so I wrote out what happened in Skype with tips from Leah. I edited this a LOT. Because most of it was just me waffling about what happened next and Leah going "OH SHIT". I left a small bit of it in so you get the idea. XD




So, uh, now there's a BLOODY MASSIVE PLOT and the Doctor has left home and the Master is going to go fucking APESHIT and and....well, fuck guys, we thought this was a CRACK AU. Remember how I said Leah and I should stop our latenight talking? That still stands.


Aug. 23rd, 2009 10:42 am
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You know, I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason I'm so obsessed with [ profile] moralsremitted is because my own parents treat me like a fifties housewife.
And being able to TREAT SOMEONE ELSE like one is very nice.

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Okay, I have FAR too much fun with [ profile] moralsremitted. I totally sympathise with [ profile] shinyopals and her character journal now. Even with no-one else having joined yet, it is remarkably addictive.
Not that I'm going to STOP.
I'm just worried this may get out of hand.
At least I'll enjoy going mad.

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It's based off of the 50's Master/Doctor AU that I started for the lulz.
If anyone's interested (don't feel pressured, it's just for me to have fun with, really) you can find it at [info]moralsremitted.
ALSO if anyone cares at all to put in characters, I've already got a Doctor and Donna but that leaves Rose and River Song (and Alice-down-the-road, lol) who I've put into the series already. If anyone really feels like they want to join, for some unfathomable reason, you can join as basically anyone, but they will be the AU version living in the 50's AU. Also they can be before or after any stories I wrote.

Rose: Is greatest of pals with the Doctah and they end up sleeping together only he eventually breaks up with her due to irrational guilt. She is displeased.

River Song: Breaks the norm of society weirdness by not fitting into it at all. FIne with it. Meets the Doctor at a dinner party.

Well, that's that. I doubt that was in any way necessary. Whatevs.

EDIT: If you want to talk to him as YOU then feel completely free!


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