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During the summer, whilst at [ profile] theanswer42's house, I had a long phone conversation with [ profile] lilyknotwisemd. It was really really weird. And Paisley filmed her fruitbowl at the same time and cut it together into a film. So, because it made me laugh so hard, here is the transcript of Fruit Bowl. Eventually, I'll get all the raw film from Paisley and transcribe the entire one side of the convo. For now, this is enough. Explanation: we were vaguely in character with me as the Master and Leah as the Doctor.


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Pick five of your favourite shows, in no particular order, before you read the questions below, then answer them!

1. Doctor Who
2. Merlin
3. Life on Mars
4. The Mighty Boosh
5. Spaced

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I had one today. I got some really nice presents! Actually, I got another one from Sharmy before and also they made me enough cupcakes to make a cake!
So, because I have a webcam now, you get bad, grainy pictures of everything. Yay!

Me. Very tired. In my new, undecorated VP single room in Artz. SOOOOO TIRED. I am going to bed right after I post these. I'm supposed to be up for 7 BUT SCREW THAT. I have to teach the dance? I can't. Too dead.

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It's Cuisinart time!

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So a very long age ago, [ profile] 45eugenia posted some amusing, Doctor Who-related things she'd done with this website that has a series of forms you can fill out. I showed it to Leah, and, of course, shortly after, I ended up sending her one that I'd filled out that was an apology to Sarah Jane. Then, to my complete surprise, she sent a response from Sarah. Then it got a little out of hand.
Following are the forms that we did, labelled by who did them.

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Master/Doctor )

The Doctor and the Time Lords )

Time War )

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It's based off of the 50's Master/Doctor AU that I started for the lulz.
If anyone's interested (don't feel pressured, it's just for me to have fun with, really) you can find it at [info]moralsremitted.
ALSO if anyone cares at all to put in characters, I've already got a Doctor and Donna but that leaves Rose and River Song (and Alice-down-the-road, lol) who I've put into the series already. If anyone really feels like they want to join, for some unfathomable reason, you can join as basically anyone, but they will be the AU version living in the 50's AU. Also they can be before or after any stories I wrote.

Rose: Is greatest of pals with the Doctah and they end up sleeping together only he eventually breaks up with her due to irrational guilt. She is displeased.

River Song: Breaks the norm of society weirdness by not fitting into it at all. FIne with it. Meets the Doctor at a dinner party.

Well, that's that. I doubt that was in any way necessary. Whatevs.

EDIT: If you want to talk to him as YOU then feel completely free!


Aug. 15th, 2009 05:52 pm
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Off to start doing Masterly things.
Layouts are hard to find.
I have no skill with graphics whatsoever.
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So....I felt like talking about this. For some reason.
I shift to extremes on my main fandom: Doctor Who. That's the only one that's STUCK. Others come and go but Doctor Who is always there, sulking in the background and killing various people.
But the way I react to it is RIDICULOUS.

If I drift into spoilers this will help you not see them )


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Or, rather, the Doctor's reaction to Torchwood Season 3 in the format of a Facebook wall conversation.
It's better than it sounds, honest.

Spoilers for TW S3 )
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Title: The Affair
Series (Story number): Who's Right? (5)
Summary: The Doctor's moral standards are far too strict. 50's AU.
Rating: PG-13
Characters/pairings: Master/Doctor, Doctor/Other Character
Author's notes: Written in text to Leah A. Yet another where it went wrong in the middle and I had to fix it. That's a theme with these stories... Explanation of series here.

The Doctor has a really bad habit of destroying all of his relationships...I wonder if this one will work out? )

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