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Title (Series): The Greatest Love Story of All Time (Trufact Sexiness #1)
Summary: Merlin and Arthur are totes meant for each other
Rating: 14A
Characters/pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Author's notes: I wrote this for Paisley.

Cut for angst and deep emotion )
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Title: The Oncoming Naaaww
Series (Story number): Who's Right? (7)
Summary: The Master kills people. The Doctor is displeased. The Master thinks this is cute. 50's AU.
Rating: PG-13
Characters/pairings: Master/Doctor
Author's notes: Written in text to Leah A. All of these are from lulzy conversations with Leah. Honestly. Well, maybe some aren't. But this one is. Explanation of series here.

“If it helps,” said the Master, “they were all very bad people.” )

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I hate you, Leah, for explaining grammar. Or math. Now I'm going through all my fanfiction and deleting every instance of a ~. The worst bit is that it SERIOUSLY fucks up the HTML and nothing works anymore.

Also: has a new function. It takes down the statistics of my readers. It's terribly diverting. Apparently, my readers are from the following countries, in order of most frequent to least: USA, UK, France, Australia, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, Germany. Most people read Fresh and the second most read Silly. Both of my fluff fanfics. So much for my secret aspiration to be taken seriously as a real comedy writer. No, it's fluff for me all the way. My path seems so clear now.

Crap, I really need to do my uni readings. I'm so slack. I need motivation.

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 So I tried to write a fluff first and failed because it turned into a crack, as I mentioned before, and I haven't finished that yet. But I came up with a different idea (at 2 in the morning, no less) and finished writing it today. So here it is, embarrassing me dreadfully.

Title: Silly
Summary: Pure, unadulterated Ten/Rose fluff with little plot
Rating: PG for about one reference to an adult concept
Word count: 1243
Characters/pairings: Ten, Rose
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING. Well, maybe the concept.
Author's notes: This is my first ever attempt at fluff (I like action and DIALOGUE, curse it!) so this is mostly written just to see if I can. Spoilers, I suppose, for anything after the Season Two finale.

Oh dear... )


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