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You know, [ profile] reasonabsurd just brought it to my attention and it's bloody TRUE. Why is my text always MINIATURE? I'd rather not have to remember to fix the size every time I post from now on but apparently, I'm going to have to. TINY.

Edit: And then shortly after, [ profile] reasonabsurd helped me fix it like the completely wonderful person she is.

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But apparently, they don't understand 'for the lulz'. Oh well. I'm clearly well on my way to being an 'Anonymous'.
But, seriously, LOLOLOLOL.
No, honestly, I think people think I'm for serious. Clearly, BSH aren't very internet savvy or otherwise, they'd automatically assume 'troll'. Which, honestly, is what we are. And I had such FAITH in them. Hmm.
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 So, LJ has been miserably failing for the past week.
Apparently, the internet is a series of tubes and the information gets stuck inside. Namely, all of the comment messages I generally get sent to my MSN. I got FIFTY THREE right now. As I was reading through them, I realised that due to a humorous (read: not at all) misunderstanding of something I posted on Deirdre's journal ages back, I was having a huge fight and I didn't even know it. I chose all of my words so carefully to avoid any offence and take a very unemotional view of the topic and by leaving a qualifier out, I managed to seriously offend Deirdre. So I am very sorry and as I said, I hope you, Deirdre, can take another look at my comment as the very calm analysis it was meant to be.

Next, two nights ago, I met a friend of Paisley, who is called Tegan because of Tegan Jovanka. Which is so many kinds of awesome.

Lastly, several many nights ago, I had a dream that I was travelling with Ten and we ended up in Scotland in the far past. We were walking across this field and then, a bit across the field, we saw this old man and stopped walking because the Doctor was just staring at him.
"Doctor?" I said. "What is it?"
"Doctor?" said the old man, something seeming to register on him.
The Doctor, his eyes very wide, said, "Jamie?" The old man--Jamie--smiles back at him and then this enormous grin erupts across the Doctor's face and he books it across the field to Jamie and sweeps him up into a hug. Jamie, who has apparently remembered the Doctor and has figured out that this is another regeneration, hugs back and the Doctor kisses him on the top of his head.
It was one of my sweetest dreams ever.
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Due mostly to the Russell Band, I have been listening to Russell Brand's ex-radio show recently. It was damn funny. And so it was that I found myself listening to the show wherein he and Jonathan Ross phoned up Andrew Sachs. Yes, I HAVE ACTUALLY listened to it. My knowledge is not based on articles, it is based on true fact. Also, I'm not trying to excuse them, but really, they both have the mentality of a five year old. I thought that was why a lot of people enjoy Russell's comedy. He's a comedian, by the way. Shock value is his forte. Anyway, they called up Sachs' cell, hoping he would answer but all they got was an answerphone. So they decided to leave a message. Russell, being the sort who kisses and tells had told Jonathan that he'd done Sach's granddaughter. And Jonathan blurted out "HE FUCKED YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER!" during the message. Russell's response to this was, "What?! No! No! Don't say that!" or something equivalent. They then hung up. Much later in the show, Russell and Jonathan decided to leave an apology message but that failed as well, due to a chronic lack of planning. They were quite rude. I believe they were being assholes but I don't think it had quite sunk in on them yet that this was actually someone's real answerphone. In fact, the way they phrased things (which, I will admit, made me cry with laughter) implied that they felt like this was all a silly sketch. "The only way to fix this horrible message is to leave another message." Then they left one in the form of a song, in which Russell, for some reason asked Sachs' granddaughter to marry him shortly after which Jonathan asked Sachs to marry him. Then, they realised they'd balls'd it up and they decided to leave an ACTUAL apology. ("The only way to fix this is to do the same thing we've mucked up three times already!") So they did. They left an apology. it was sort of rubbish, but that was what it was meant to be.
Terribly childish, yes, but I seriously do NOT think they deserve to be crucified. Andrew Sachs has actually accepted their apology. They have both apologized numerous times, Russell has resigned from the BBC (and excuse me for thinking this, but there go any fame chances for the Band) and they are both very sorry. Honestly. This is being taken WAY out of hand. Added to this is the fact that the show was PRE-RECORDED. Wow. Seriously. Okay, and I think that's likely the last I'll say on that.

So! Today, Paisley and I made a bowl of pudding and then ate it in Astronomy. Is that whimsical enough for you all?
Also, when I was trying to get to bed last night, I couldn't because there were a bunch of British (and Irish) comedians in my head who WOULDN'T shut up. Eventually, I wrote down some of what they said. These are more effective if you read them in the accents of the people involved. The first one is also topical. They are both quite weird.
"Look, I'm not saying that Andrew Sachs is a kind of prostitute but I am heavily implying it."--Russell Brand (Oh dear.)
"Do you know how much people have to grow to become trees. They don't. They never become trees, which I think is a comment on our society."--Dylan Moran
I then had a dream in which Fry and Laurie were in drag and talking about chins and eyebrows.

I'll leave you with that.
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So, I was out shopping with Paisley and we went to the Old Quebec mall or wgatever the devil it's called for a drink in a cafe. On our way out, I see a guy walk past me. He is wearing black skinny jeans, a blue dress shirt, a navy blue argyle sweater vest and a frock-coat (essentially) that is orange plaid.
"Oh my god," I say to Paisley. "That guy is my fashion hero."
"You should tell him that," jokes Paisley.
"I would, only he's just gone into that store," I say to Paisley. "I'm not going to follow him. That would be creepy!" So we walk out of the store and to the corner to wait for the light to change so we can cross and get our bus. And he comes out of the mall, straight towards us, obviously wanting to cross as well!
So I say to him emphatically, "You are my FASHION HERO." He looks shyly pleased and says, "Thanks." I realise now that he's got the sort of smile I really like in a guy. He holds out his hand, "Hi," he says. "I'm Charles."
"I'm Leah," I say, shaking his hand. Then, I can't think of anything else to say. Honestly. Loss for words. Clearly, he wants to keep talking because he's introduced himself but I honestly have no clue where to go after a whimsical introduction. So I smile kind of nervously back at him and sort of flee after Paisley across the road.
He gets on the same bus as us too, due to also going to Guelph, apparently. He is sitting somewhat further foward than us and I spent the whole bus trip trying to think of something to say when we get off at the same place, but am left completely stumped. We get off at pretty much the same time and nothing.
How do people do this?
I think this is probably why I don't meet guys. Or have ever had a boyfriend. Oh well. He was cute in a sort of indie way, with floppy brown hair and indie glasses.
Maybe I'll learn how to do things someday? I wish I had my mum's skill of easily talking about nothing for ages.
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I've discovered this hilarious band on Youtube. They're so dumb they don't even know how dumb they are.
They're called The Russell Band and they're some sort of creepy obsessed Russell Brand fanbase who writes songs about him. They might be good for kicks and giggles.
By the way, if you recognise any of them, don't point it out. They may be idiotic but it's not kind to embarrass them.

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I hate you, Leah, for explaining grammar. Or math. Now I'm going through all my fanfiction and deleting every instance of a ~. The worst bit is that it SERIOUSLY fucks up the HTML and nothing works anymore.

Also: has a new function. It takes down the statistics of my readers. It's terribly diverting. Apparently, my readers are from the following countries, in order of most frequent to least: USA, UK, France, Australia, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, Germany. Most people read Fresh and the second most read Silly. Both of my fluff fanfics. So much for my secret aspiration to be taken seriously as a real comedy writer. No, it's fluff for me all the way. My path seems so clear now.

Crap, I really need to do my uni readings. I'm so slack. I need motivation.

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Title: Needs Moar Eight
Summary: 300 versions of Eight are all packed like sardines into a room together. OH WOW HOW HOT WHAT WILL HAPPEN.
Rating: Too hot to have a rating. 
Characters/pairings: Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/Eight/etc.
Disclaimer: Even Stephen Moffat couldn't get away with this.
Author's notes: I'm shocked and appalled at myself and my morals that were previously thought to exist. I DISGUST ME. HOW HORRID. YOU WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THIS FILTH.

Wow. )
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Continued from my previous post. was like this the last time I did it too. Why I keep torturing myself like this I have no idea.
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I own Oregon Trail. You must have heard of that, computer game, pioneer simulation-y thing. Right. So I have a bit of an obsession with going in, naming all the characters after a certain fandom, and then playing it through, writing in the Diary in character. Incredibly geeky, I know. I've already done it once with the characters from Howl's Moving Castle. And now, because of how much I'm into it, I decided to do it with Doctor Who, with the Doctor (Tenth), Rose, Jack, Donna, Martha and Sarah Jane.
And I'm going to post it here. The italics is the stuff the Diary puts in automatically and the rest is actually me. A warning: most of this was done between two and three in the morning so it may be rather bad. Or out of character. Sorry. Also, it's HUGE, so it's going to be in two posts. Spoilers for Season Two of Torchwood.

Continued here.
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Apr. 26th, 2008 10:28 pm
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Failing that, WHY DON'T I LIVE IN BRITAIN?!?


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