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I'm going MAAAAD. I applied several years ago to a massive RP called [ profile] polychromatic as Donna Noble. I was rejected.
That rejection has stuck with me ever since, making me afraid of the roleplay. I hate being told my writing isn't good enough. I mean, I don't mind editing but something about this really...hurts. And I have no doubt that my writing WASN'T good enough. It still stung.

Anyway, I've applied again, this time as the Master. Back when I applied the first time, I knew nearly nothing about the Master. Now I've been writing and roleplaying him for a year. Will this mean I'm good enough? Well, I don't know. I'm waiting on a bloody response. I did only post yesterday but still. MENTAL. I just want to KNOW really. I mean, I've always got the 50's AU to comfort me if I don't get in but this feels like me facing my fears or something.

I'm worried I didn't say enough and my post was too short. I'm worried that I don't actually understand the Master's character. I'm worried that they hate my writing style on principle. I'm worried that even if I DO get in I won't understand how to do anything, I'll get completely overwhelmed and I'll get voted out or something. How does one plot? Do I know how to do that? Holy crap, you guys!

The sooner I know I'm not in it, the sooner I can move on.
Shit, pessimism.

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 So I tried to write a fluff first and failed because it turned into a crack, as I mentioned before, and I haven't finished that yet. But I came up with a different idea (at 2 in the morning, no less) and finished writing it today. So here it is, embarrassing me dreadfully.

Title: Silly
Summary: Pure, unadulterated Ten/Rose fluff with little plot
Rating: PG for about one reference to an adult concept
Word count: 1243
Characters/pairings: Ten, Rose
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING. Well, maybe the concept.
Author's notes: This is my first ever attempt at fluff (I like action and DIALOGUE, curse it!) so this is mostly written just to see if I can. Spoilers, I suppose, for anything after the Season Two finale.

Oh dear... )
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 All right, here they are: my impressions (belated) on Fires of Pompei and my impressions (fresh) on Planet of the Ood.



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