Sep. 13th, 2009 11:17 pm
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Okay, that was amazing.
What I remember from the concert )

Also, when I went with Kat to the LA pit afterwards, I looked up at the TV and was like, "WTF, HI, DAVID TENNANT." He was on both TVs and holy shit, they were playing Journey's End.

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Pick five of your favourite shows, in no particular order, before you read the questions below, then answer them!

1. Doctor Who
2. Merlin
3. Life on Mars
4. The Mighty Boosh
5. Spaced

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Jul. 3rd, 2009 10:49 pm
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So I got a new mood theme.
It's animated, because that's really the only kind I enjoy. I nearly went with a Life On Mars one I found, due to my freakish level of obsession with it right now but it had some spoilers in it so I'm going to wait until at least my f-list who wants to see it has seen it.
PLUS: this one is awesome.
I may switch back and forth when I feel like it because the old one is LOVELY but the old one doesn't have enough Donna.
It doesn't have enough Master (or ANY) either but I can't find Master animated mood themes so this will have to do.

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Title: A Good Friend 
Series (Story number): Who's Right? (3)
Summary: Donna Noble comes over to have some tea and a chat. 50's AU.
Rating: PG
Characters/pairings: Master/Doctor, Donna
Author's notes: Written in text to Leah A. This one, like a bunch of this series, was WAY funnier in my head and then started going VERY wrong. I had to fix it. Explanation of series here.

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Incidentally, know what I remembered last week? My first word? Doctor. I shit you not. I find this SO funny in so many ways...
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Recently, I've become rather obsessed with crackfic, writing and reading it. Everything random anyone (especially Leah) says ends up turning into ridiculous fanfiction which I may post here eventually. On another note, I finally saw The Sontaran Strategem and found out that I've been pronouncing their name right ALL along (feel free to flay me, Classic Who fans). It was AMAZING. But I actually think I'll wait to talk about it once I've seen it in context with the second part. I took notes, so I'll have more to say, probably.
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It's a summary of Doctor Who Season 3!

Okay, I'll do my reactions on Episode 2 tomorrow because first thing, it's too late right now and second thing, I want to watch it again with Jordan before I talk about it.

BUT, I will squee first.
Water pistol! Donna = win! PROPHECY.
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Donna is now my favourite Companion.
Anyone who doesn't like her is now a Communist. No exceptions. 


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