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Polychromatic is what I am most often logged into now, sorry to say. Taking over my side-life. Especially as now I've applied as DC Chris Skelton as well. That came about because I've started watching Ashes to Ashes. I liked it instantly. And Alex too, after about three episodes. I know there are others who haven't warmed to it as much as the original series. Well, huh. I dunno why exactly. I love them both. It's kind of blowing my mind. And I get a little sad every time there's a sort of Sam mention. No spoilers, though. I'm only two episodes into S2. You spoil me, I feed you your own assorted genitalia. I'm having FUN with this show and I already spoiled myself a little bit accidentally.

What else? Um, I'm a bit behind on some schoolwork but nothing I can't handle. I feel much more comfortable now I know I'm waiting to go to Britain. Maybe I'll take a year there, on my own terms rather than a sort of school fieldtrip, really.

Also, today, as an IHC thing, I went to see the Raptors. Dead boring. Back and forth and forth and back. Endless. Plus, I was exhausted. On the upside, the busdriver, especially on the way back to Guelph drove like GENE HUNT. Swerves! Speed! Bouncing along the road! I wished I had a handle to hold onto because as it was, I bounced out of my seat all the way back. It was BRILLIANT. Well worth the trip. Utterly thrilling.

I have been feeling a tad nauseous so I haven't eaten yet. Maybe I'll go do that now.

Edit: Have still not eaten. Also, I thought I'd add that I absolutely hate Rose/Doctor right now, for various reasons but mostly because I have absolutely no patience for it. At all. I kind of miss the person I was three years ago. But then again, my writing is so much BETTER now. Fair trade? I think I might have been happier before.
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WOOOO the fire alarm went off!
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Random Artz Hausian just now: "Well, I'll leave you to your work, Mister Master."
(On a side note, someone asked me if I'd seen The 10th Kingdom today.)


Sep. 9th, 2009 01:53 am
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Today, I was an event monitor for a bar trip. Lots of really drunk first year uni students all sexin' each other up on a dance floor.
However, they are not supposed to know your name if you are in charge, in case they use it against you.
So all night, I was Sam Tyler.


Sep. 3rd, 2009 02:43 pm
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Mum just brought me a bunch of stuff and made me REALLY happy and then she started piling, like, yogurt and hummous that she made and strawberries and milk and old cheddar into my arms so I could put it in the fridge in the 2ndFL and I started crying. I'm so stressed and tired right now, OMG. I need sleep. I'm so happy and sad at the same time I could cry right now. Again.
ALSO they brought Luna and she was really well behaved and snuggly and toddled all over Artz. N'AWWWW.
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I had one today. I got some really nice presents! Actually, I got another one from Sharmy before and also they made me enough cupcakes to make a cake!
So, because I have a webcam now, you get bad, grainy pictures of everything. Yay!

Me. Very tired. In my new, undecorated VP single room in Artz. SOOOOO TIRED. I am going to bed right after I post these. I'm supposed to be up for 7 BUT SCREW THAT. I have to teach the dance? I can't. Too dead.

Moar pics... )


Sep. 1st, 2009 01:08 am
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Okay, I am a slacker but I have SO MUCH TO DO AHHH I should not slack this is insane. I have so many PROPER drawings to do. Like, Bailey wants them in my proper cartoon style instead of just my stick figure guys. So I need to draw them and ink them somehow and holy crap, man. And then I need to scan them and do the poster bits around them. I need to find out so much info, it's insane.
And I also have three banners to do for each floor and then info banners maybe? And invites. Because I'm the advertiser or something because Bailey thinks I'm a proper artist but I'm not.
I need sleep but I should stay up and draw but I have another day tomorrow of energetic games and fucking shit. BUT NO TIME.
Every morning is 9:00 and every night is until 7 at least. I have to draw two more breakfast things, a grilled cheese lunch and two open mics. And Matt was helping me with the invites but he's not allowed to now because I have to do them? For PRC? Because Matt can't do advertising even though he's up to date on his work and has free time? FML. It takes me too long to do an art. I guess I am a pushover, fuck. What kind of evil villain lets people walk on them?
The kind who's only VP, that's what.
I want to stop time and have time to do things.
Also I want my own scanner.
And to have prep time back to use for prep, stupid boogie practise, I need it to draw in, for serious, when am I doing things? I can't even think right now. This is, like, my mental diarrhea spewing out here, I hardly know what's going on
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Like it says on the label. They are from ages back so I might not remember them perfectly and also I have no idea what order I had these in so I'll just go in order of whatever the hell I feel like.
Actually, non-DW first.

Non-Doctor Who )

First Doctor Who dream )

Second Doctor Who dream )

I just remembered another dream that I had and forgot to transcribe.
This is it. )
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Basically, that's what this post is about. I've never been in charge of stuff before and now I suddenly have to design a billion things. I think they should warn the VP of how many things they're going to have to design. it's reasonably okay, as I'm somewhat arty, but I still don't really understand colours or anything. If it comes to that, I'm boned. I just need to make sure to finish all this stuff before I run out of time.
Also, Sky Gilbert misplaced one of my Playwriting assignments so I need to rehand them all in to him if I want to boost my shameful Playwriting mark. Oh, for the days when I could get a mark of 94 in a Playwriting class. But seriously, I desperately need the extra two marks it's going to give me. Bah.


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