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So, this is partly inspired by [ profile] captaincadet and [ profile] safetytardis but also by the...uhm, hey, I should really get off my arse. If I can do something regularly/if I can report on shit, that might be good, yeah?

So I'm thinking very much of starting a fanworks journal thing so I can DO the stuff I promised (important) and also maybe so I can start using this for life shit. And if I TALK about that, then maybe I'll actually do my work because I'll be telling the truth. Also, I want to get more involved in fandom, somewhat, so that I can, try and thicken my skin to fandom-wank rather than avoiding it entirely? Also, fic. I keep stopping writing it but I'm pretty decent when I do so, you know. That sounds like good.

I need some sort of catchy name, though. I am not a Captain and I do not have an amusing TARDIS dream-joke. So, uh? I'm kinda tilting towards something vaguely Strawberry Fields Forever related so I can use the layout on my NEW journal. But I dunno. (I could call it nothingisreal but I'd have to buy a rename token...) Anyway, just, tell me what you think. Oh, and I'll be posting a creepy dream I had once I get back to Guelph.

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