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Dec. 1st, 2009 12:45 am
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Sometimes I post. And from now on, it's probably going to be me posting dreams. I had some really interesting ones recently. The most recent one first, because I'll have to expend more energy on remembering the not-so-recent one.

I was doing undercover policework with Gene Hunt. I don't remember much of the context, other than the fact that it was a little bit of a dicey operation, especially considering that Gene hated the guts of the guy that we were spying on so he had a hard time maintaining character. I was still me, only quite a bit older. I seemed to be in the position of Alex, what with the way Gene reacted to me and the fact that I got a bit of the fond, UST that they have. That was NICE. But I acted a bit more like Sam through the whole thing. I think we were meant to be going in as a couple but the suspect presumed automatically that Gene was my dad, which pissed him off TO NO END but we ran with it in a little bit of a sarcastic way. Mainly, I got to do random shit with Gene Hunt! Awesome!

This one's a little more difficult to remember. It started out with Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding trying to capture this evil spirit inside an old Victorian mansion. But the spirit was also a Boosh character so they pretended to be Howard and Vince in order to capture it.

Then I was with my friend's family we were on a quest, which was also a sort of game. We were on a raft and we had to take turns throwing a stick into the water in front of us to try and make it enter the water in a specific way. Once we'd done that, we could move on to the next section. However, if we did anything wrong, a massive shark would come out of the water to attack us. My friend's older sister was in the water when his dad moved the raft slightly, summoning the shark but she got out of the way before it could attack in earnest.

When I went back to the mansion, I actually was in Victorian England. Me and the Artz Haus RA, Aymen, were undercover as maids. The house was ruled with an iron fist by a Lord of some sort. His son was in his late teens or twenties and was totally controlled by his dad, who wanted him to enter the family business. However, he'd become locked in his room and Aymen and I couldn't convince his dad to help us unlock the room. So his son had been in there for several hours, practicing piano sulkily and couldn't get out.

Then there was a brief section where I was mobbed by cats.

It turned out that the Lord was evil and had been poisoning people and stuff. Chris Skelton and Ray Carling were also investigating with me. And so, apparently, was the Doctor. It was why we were in Victorian England in the first place. At this point in the dream, the Doctor, who was probably post-WoM Doctor was giving his 'let's save the world!' speech to me, Donna, Sarah Jane, Martha, Rose and Shaz. When he thought he'd finished explaining the plan to all of us, he was about to leave, when Shazzer interrupted.

"You don't know anything, do you!" she said.


"You always go about things in the most complicated way possible when you don't have to!"

"Look, is this really the time, we have a plan--"

"Right, yeah, the plan. Only Chris and Ray already went and spoke with the Lord and it's all a big misunderstanding."

The Doctor boggled at her. "They did WHAT?!"

"Yeah, they went and talked to him about it."

"That's just....unbelievably stupid!"

"Well it WORKED. Maybe you should think about doing that from now on."

"Oh, oh, right," says the Doctor, getting a little dangerously beyond sarcastic. Me and the other Companions in the room shifted nervously. "I'll just walk right up to hostile aliens from now on, say, 'If you wouldn't mind terribly, please stop killing people, I'm sure it's all a misunderstanding, here's my plan to stop you, I'll just leave you TO it then, bye!"

"It WORKED, Doctor," said Shaz stubbornly. "And you can't seem to accept that you're not always right. I'm LEAVING." And she did. Meanwhile, everyone else went off to do their part of the plan.

I walked out of the building, and around to a plaza at the front where there was a crowd of people and Chris, who was standing in a three-sided set of iron fencing. He seemed a little bit dazed. It turned out that the person really in charge of the Lord and the whole thing was Jadis, the White Witch of Narnia. She was speeching at the people. The Doctor came around the side and saw what was going on, as Shaz came up from the side and Jadis began to prepare some sort of drink for Chris.

"Don't drink the potion!" the Doctor started mouthing at Chris, who looked back at him for advice. "Don't drink it! The drink itself isn't poisoned, it's the cup! The cup is poisoned!"

And Chris just goes, all befuddled, "Drink the potion? What? Drink it? S'not poisoned? Well, all right, then." The Doctor is waving his arms frantically and Chris takes the cup, drinks from it, and then crumples to the ground, dead. Shaz stares at him in disbelief, stares at the Doctor and then snaps and lunges at the Doctor, screaming at him, at which point, I woke up.
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