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As the title says, I had a Life on Mars dream. It was surreal and creepy and I may not be remembering all of the dialogue exactly but this is my best stab at it.

I was Sam, and I was unable to stop myself from slipping in and out of the coma world. I was in the real world and I was going to do some sort of test again, to see if I could control going to the 70's. So I was with some doctor-y people who I'd convinced to help me with the experiment. They had a feeding tube ready or something and when I felt myself slipping back into the coma-state, I think they forced it down my throat. If they took it out, I was supposed to wake up.

I found myself with Annie, in our sitting room. I suppose they were engaged or close to married? She was asking me to try an apple crumble she'd made. We had some guests over.

I was like, "Um....alright." Annie gave me the smile she does when she's a little bit skeptical, because clearly I was acting strange. The guests (women) giggled. I looked around a little awkwardly and then took the crumble, paused, looked around again, and ate it. It was delicious.

Eventually, Gene showed up.

"A little birdie told me that you'd be making crumble, Annie," he said, from the door.

"Guv!" said Annie, sounding amused but chagrined. I wanted to say something scathing but my mouth was full of crumble.

"Aren't you going to say hullo, Tyler?" said Gene. "Of course not, you'll just stand there like a lump." I think one of the ladies giggled.

I managed to swallow and glared at Gene. "Hullo, Guv," I said sarcastically. "Of course YOU'D show up to this, you being the darkest bit of my psyche."

Gene rolled his eyes. "He still going on about that bollocks about the 'real world', luv?" he said to Annie, sounding less sympathetic than malevolently gleeful.

"Sometimes," said Annie, giving me a look.

"All right!" I said. "Far be it for me to disappoint you! I'm not even eating crumble right now! This--" I gestured angrily at the plate I was holding, "--is coming from a feeding tube."

"You could've just said you didn't like it, Sam," said Annie, looking a bit hurt.

"It's not...I do..." I said, not sure what to do with this.

"Oh, now you've hurt Cartwright's feeling's, Sam," said Gene. He sort of....lurked at me.

I started trying to send a message to the doctor-y people at that point and I could sort of feel them pull out the feeding tube.

At that point, it went a bit creepy.

"You're not getting out of here THAT easily!" said Gene, grabbing my arms and pushing me into a wall. I gaped at him and then gaped at Annie, who shrugged.

"I don't want you leaving any more than he does," she said.

I think, then, at that point, my legs collapsed and I slid down the wall, giving Annie and Gene horrified looks.

"He'll come round, luv," I think Gene said to Annie before, within the context of the dream, everything went swirly and I passed out.

It was a very unsettling dream...
Oh, and, earlier in the night, I dreamt that David Bowie was one of my teachers. That was pretty neat. I think there was a bunch of other time travel too but I don't remember it as clearly as the LoM section.


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