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I finally did the answers to that other meme.

[ profile] mrsfrankenstien asked me for Our Wacky Roommate although I’m not sure why. :D For people who haven’t cared before, it’s this weird sort of self-insert-y parody that [ profile] theanswer42 , [ profile] supersharmie and I write. Considering as I/they create all the pairings ourselves, this should be quite easy.

Sharmie/Richard because I wrote it originally. I created it and the one reason is because of how adorable it is. Aww. They both like lighting so much! And…and…they’re so well-adjusted that I rarely write them any more. Sorry, Sharmie.
Runner up:
…truthfully? John/Leah. …shut up. I blame Sharmie because this is one of those horrible things where you protest it all the time and yet you’re smiling while you do. God dammit.
Honorable mention(s):
Julian/Noel, Noel/Dee, John/Jess, Doctor/Alt!Rose (she takes no guff!), Rose/Paisley (albeit one-sidedly on Paisley’s part), Richard/Chris and their bromance, Dave/Rose
Crack pairing(s):
But the whole thing is one big crack pairing! Okay, things I joke about and don’t actually like/would never write in to it. Matt/Rich(OH LORD, SHARMIE, TOO LATE), John/Doctor (actually, jury might still be out on that one. ;D), Julian/Wheat because Paisley said so. Also it’s hilarious.
Ship other people seem to like, but I don't:

[ profile] qahtte asked for Sandman. Which, as I haven’t read it for three years, is going to be difficult… How about I leave this blank until I DO and then I’ll fill it out? That seems rational. I just sat here for five minutes, staring at the meme and couldn’t think of a single answer.

Runner up:
Honorable mention(s):
Crack pairing(s):
Ship other people seem to like, but I don't:

[ profile] theanswer42 didn’t ask for Life on Mars but I’m going to do it anyway because answering Merlin would be like: “I ship them all except for the pairing I don’t like that some appear to for some reason is Arthur/Uther because ew.” The end.

OTP: Sam/Annie because they are MADE OF CUTE. They are a little love muffin, honestly. Every time anything happened relating to that relationship in any episode I’m afraid I probably squealed.
Runner up:
Sam/Gene. I went in to the series fairly confidently saying: “I am not a slasher. I don’t see this relationship at all. What are people talking about?” And then about two episodes in to second season I went, “Oh.” Watching the show through for the second time but through new slasher goggles was very entertaining.
Honorable mention(s):
I can’t think of anything else I ACTUALLY ship.
Crack pairing(s):
Sam/Chris: mentor love, Chris/Ray in a sort of Colon and Nobby sort of way. As in not entirely but…it’s kind of lulzy.
Ship other people seem to like, but I don't:
As I’m really not active in the fandom, I couldn’t say.

[ profile] lilyknotwisemd asked for Doctor Who, bless her.

OTP: Doctor/Master. It’s so weird for me to say that because when I started the show in 2005, it was indisputably Doctor/Rose and that was true until about a year two ago. They’re just so…Well, I’m pretty fervent about them. Apparently enough so that my stories have converted both Leah and Marion to my way of thinking.

It’s pretty much canon except in actual announced form, which means it’s the longest-running relationship on the show. Lovers on Gallifrey, bitches.
Runner up:
….it’s not even Doctor/Rose here, guys. What’s happened to me? No, for some bloody reason, it’s Doctor/Donna. I still don’t think that relationship-wise, she’d give him the time of day but he is very clearly in love with her majorly. So, bless.
Honorable mention(s):
Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Master/Donna, Martha/Doctor one-sidedly, Five/Turlough, Doctor/Jamie, Doctor/Sarah Jane
Crack pairing(s):
Any Doctor/Doctor is quite funny. The more of them there are, the funnier it is. AND the more of the SAME incarnation there are, the funnier it is. Three seems to be a magic number for me, though I am also quite fond of my infinite number of Eights pairing.
Ship other people seem to like, but I don't:
Jack/Doctor. I don’t hate it and I accept it and it can be quite funny sometimes but I never seek it out and read it. That’s, like, my criteria here. Fanfiction. Cripes.

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